Sunday, 7 May 2017

THE Party promises to implement Compulsory Education

OPPOSITION Leader Don Polye says his Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party has set compulsory education as one of its policy platforms this election.

In launching the alternative government policy and election campaign for his candidates last week Friday (05/0517) in Vanimo town, Sandaun province, Mr Polye said he would partner with the parents to implement the policy.

Under the policy, he said, by law all school-aged children will attend schools, adding in this way nobody will stay back home or roam the streets like seen today.

Polye was in the province to endorse the candidates officially.
According to him, school fees will continue to be subsidised but the quality of education will not be compromised as is the case.

"We must provide quality education for our children so that they must be skilled appropriately to earn a living.
"It is not the case now with the government's Tuition Fee Free policy," he said.

Basic literacy, he said, is not just enough for the children.
He added the government had psyched up the people with its populist TFF policy.
Polye described the government's handling of the TFF policy as pathetic and substandard.

He further said the issues associated with the policy had never been resolved by the government.
He cited ghost names of schools, late disbursement of TFF funds and shutdown of schools were the woes still ongoing.

"The education secretary announcing deregistration of 1500 ghost schools and the Department of Community Development locking out 400 students at a school in Port Moresby are fine examples of problems," he said.

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