Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Lawyer worked for Paul Paraka Lawyers now PNG Police Commissioner's Lawyer - What does this mean???


STANLEY Poga former lawyer with Paraka Lawyers is now acting for Commissioner of Police Gary Baki.

On 5 May 2017 Poga filed Judicial Review proceedings in the National Court seeking declaration (orders) that the National Executive Council (NEC) decisions made from 2011 to 213 to establish Task Force Sweep including a direction to investigate Paraka Lawyers to be unconstitutional and to no legal effect.

So what does that exactly mean?

It means Baki relying on a former lawyer employed by Paul Paraka is now asking the court to declare the setting up of Task Force Sweep by NEC was unconstitutional. Therefore all and any investigations, arrests or prosecutions made by TFS since 2011 to-date would be null and void (cancelled).

If successful all charges laid against Paul Paraka currently before the Court would also be dismissed including the warrant of arrest against Peter O'Neill. All other investigations, arrests, prosecutions and convictions by TFS would also be declared unlawful including conviction of Paul Tiensten

Essentially Baki' application would help Paul Paraka and Peter O'Neill walk free from all on-going or pending investigations and charges against them.

This raises a number of important questions;

  • Why would Baki seek to file such an application?
  • Is O'Neill and Paraka behind filing it?
  • Does such an application constitute an act of conspiracy to defeat justice?
Conspiracy to Defeat Justice is a criminal offence under Section 128 of Criminal Code.

It is defined as a person who conspires (secretly plans) with another person(s) to obstruct, prevent, pervert, or defeat the course of justice is guilty of a crime. Penalty, upto 7 years in prison.

If the answer is in the affirmative (yes) then can Commissioner of Police be charged by members of Police Force?

Nowhere in the history of PNG or commonwealth countries has the head of the police force gone to court to support the interest of an accused criminal.

In April 2015 Poga applied to Director of National Fraud & Anti-corruption Directorate Mathew Damaru to join their legal team.

Poga's application was declined on the grounds he had conflict of interest being a former lawyer with Paraka Lawyers and close friend of Paul Paraka. In response Poga physically assaulted Damaru in his office.

Damaru filed a formal complaint against Poga who was later charged for assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. In March 2016 District Court committed Poga to stand trial in the National Court.

However, rather than being stood down from active duty over disciplinary charges Baki instead promoted Poga to five ranks to Chief Inspector. Poga now acts for the highest office in the Police Force, Commissioner of Police.

  • Picture (top): Stanley Poga standing to the right of Paul Paraka outside the National Fraud & Anti-corruption Headquarters following Paraka's arrest in October 2013.
  • Picture (middle) Director of National Fraud & Anti-corruption Directorate - Mathew Damaru. following the assault in his office.
  • picture (below) O'Neill, Baki & Paraka).

The O'Neill-Paraka link of corruption and its intention to continue be in power and corrupt the nation is also being highlighted in another article. The link of that article is below.

Source: Kramer Report - Facebook Page.


  1. Nande Kimapola24 May 2017 at 04:36

    Additionally, If Baki suspends all investigation and carriage of ongoing major criminal cases due to elections, why visit the courts with applications pertaining to the same files during the election period?

  2. That's how Baki, Peter and his colleagues work to destroy the resourceful nation PNG. Corrupted leaders now trying to search for means n ways to gain power back to avoid being sentence for jail. People of PNG have a look at these culprits!

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