Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Fiji government authorities confirm the miracle healing water - Health and Water authorities in Fiji put their support behind it

A WATER source in Tailevu village of Fiji Island has been found to be "miraculously" healing people with skin diseases, dietetic patients, eye problems and other diseases.

The news of the Natadradave stream healing people with diseases has reached many people around the country and the Pacific who are crowding with numbers at the site.

Fiji Government confirms it will not interfere with the daily visitation by people to the Natadradave stream in Tailevu.

Fiji Ministry of Health acting secretary Dr. Joe Koroivueta said people had testified of being healed and the ministry supported such reports.

He told local media that people feel better from visiting the place and after all, one of the famous doctrines is that above all, do not do harm.

"If people are getting healed from that water then why disturb it? Maybe it is beyond our explanation and it is only right to leave it at that.

"Right now people are still going there and our issue is to ensure that public facilities are available, in terms of conveniences."

He confirmed that tests were conducted to see the quality of water and not tested for its healing ability.

"The test that was done was to basically look at the quality in drinking and not as the test that people perceived it to be," he said.

"When it comes to healing from this water, I believe it is beyond science or scientific measures as to why people got better.

"The wonderful thing is that people have become better and that is what we want to see and we thank the chiefs and the villagers of Natadradave for allowing people to utilise the water. We should be very grateful."

There have been more claims by members of the public who have visited Natadradave of being healed of ailments.

Meanwhile, the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) have conducted upgrade works on at the site of the healing natural spring water in Natadradave in Dawasamu, Tailevu.

WAF Chief Executive Officer Opetaia Ravai said that the Authority takes seriously the important role it plays in making people’s lives better.

Mr Ravai said that WAF saw this as contributing to meeting the Authority’s corporate social responsibility by providing access to shower facilities and safe drinking water for the visitors during their visit to the village.

The Natadradave Water Committee Leader, Mr Apimeleki Tola said the villagers were grateful to the Authority's assistance.

"We are indeed grateful to the assistance of the Water Authority especially for the walkway that was done last week and the proposed work to be done. This will increase the supply of water to cater for the increasing demand because right now the water is just sipping through everywhere and there is less water coming through to the main outlet for the people's consumption whether it be for drinking or for bathing," said Mr Tola.

"The whole of last night all the vehicles and buses have been queuing up and we really cannot do anything, we just have to accommodate them and their needs. We feel that there is a great need to upgrade this so that we can have proper water supply," he added.

District Officer Korovou Iakobo Waqanidrola, said after a meeting with the villagers last night that the water has also been made available at the village of Delakado.

“Members of the public can use the same water at the Delakado village as well as the one at the Natadradave village while we will work on the upgrade at Natadradave,” said Mr Waqanidrola.

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Photos: People visiting the miracle healing water in numbers. 


VIDEO: Local Television reports on Miracle Healing Water In Fiji - News By FBC Team


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