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Who really is the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Hon. Peter O'Neill?? Some facts you must know about your PM...

1. Introduction
The author of this article considered most of the material that is available in the public domain to write a comprehensive narration of Prime Minister Peter Charles Paire O’Neill (PO). Most of the people who contributed information for this article are closely aligned to PO and, although not mentioned by name, their contributions are invaluable.

2. Early Life

Those who know him from his childhood days have a vivid memory of how he grew up and the traits he developed. He learnt of his father’s (Brian O’Neill, a former kiap and magistrate) existence when he was in High School and that’s when he moved to Goroka to be with his father. He was already a man by then, budded out of an unparented childhood.

He started South Supa Trading in Goroka with the support of his father after he completed an accountancy/commerce degree at UPNG. O’Neill was struggling and not making enough money. His dreams of fame and fortune took him backwards and forwards to and from Port Moresby to build connections and seek opportunities. His big break came when Bill Skate was the Prime Minister.

3. Pre-Politics

O’Neill sold his business to Bintangor (Mr Simon Sia) and moved permanently to Port Moresby.
But poor Mr Sia had been misled – he had been told by the cunning former owner that the business was debt-free. O’Neill had cleverly doctored the financials and concealed substantial debts. After Mr. Sia bought the business, creditors started fronting up with long lists of debts - the total liability of the business is believed to be well over K1 million... Mr Sia instituted legal action against O’Neill but by that time he was already safe in the corridors of power and eventually became a Member of Parliament (in 2002). In fear of his own life, Mr Sia withdrew the legal action.

Chairman of Finance Pacific (now called IPBC)
Prime Minister Bill Skate appointed O’Neill as the Chairman of Finance Pacific, the umbrella entity in charge of State enterprises such as PNG Banking Corporation, MVIL, Resource and Investment Finance Corporation, and other important financial institutions and subsidiaries. It was a mammoth task given to a crony who was relatively inexperienced in business. Within no time, all the State owned enterprises were rundown and almost to the brink of bankruptcy. Corruption and mismanagement by Skate and O’Neill brought PNGBC to the point of bankruptcy, leading to its merger with BSP.

 Other institutions were in a similar condition when Skate was dethroned by Sir Mekere Morauta. Morauta introduced a number of reforms of the financial system, but was not quick enough to prevent O’Neill fraudulently taking over RIFL, which he owns to this day.

However, Morauta did institute the NPF Inquiry, which helped reveal the extent of the corruption of O’Neill and his cronies, especially Jimmy Maladina.

As we all know, if it wasn’t for Morauta’s prudent economic management and the resultant economic reforms, we wouldn’t see these State-owned companies in existence now. NPF, now Nasfund, would have collapsed and members would have lost every toea they had in their superannuation accounts.

3.2. 2nd KNOWN FRAUD: NPF Tower Fraud.
Jimmy Maladina was not so much an astute lawyer but a cunning conman like O’Neill himself. Jimmy’s role at Carter Newell Lawyers was to act as a conduit for fraudulent transactions, a skill that Maladina’s brothers have also learnt. Jimmy Maladina was appointed to be the Chairman of NPF just before a loan from PNGBC was approved by O’Neill. The behind-the-scenes story is that his appointment was to facilitate the payment of commissions on this loan to O’Neill and others. The NPF Inquiry Report includes O’Neill and Jimmy Maladina, the two masterminds, as beneficiaries of the NPF frauds. Both were recommended for criminal prosecution.

O’Neill was arrested and charged. But the case was mysteriously thrown out by the District Court – confidants of O’Neill say the magistrate, now believed to be deceased, was fixed.. A referral was made to the Public Prosecutor for him to take the case up but the files are nowhere to be found. O’Neill’s maternal uncle, by the name of Jack Awela who was the director and shareholder of Port Moresby First National Real Estate company (i.e. the O’Neill company that received the proceeds of the NPF frauds) is also said to be dead. There is a grave in Goroka and a death certificate, but both are believed to be fake. The real Jack Awela is believed to be alive and well, lurking around the corridors of O’Neill’s businesses.

During the NPF times, a number of other assets of NPF were also undervalued and sold including Manamatana Apartments overlooking Koki.

4. Pre-Prime Minister 
4.1. 3rd Fraud: Public Service Home Ownership Project (PSHOP)

In his tenure as the Minister for Public Service in the Somare Government, O’Neill sponsored a submission to NEC and was allocated K200 million for a public service home ownership program. Under this project, O’Neill advanced K31.52 million to his cronies Frederick Reiher and Jimmy Maladina through a company called Auspac PNG Ltd to build houses at 8 Mile. Only 12 houses worth less than K300,000 each were built .

A public outcry ensued, and O’Neill was forced to ask his cronies to reimburse the funds advanced. But this issue is not over. His friends and cronies benefited from the advance, and the State suffered the opportunity cost of use of the funds and lost interest. Indeed, nobody knows whether the K31.5 million was even in fact reimbursed. The Budget documents do not show this so-called reimbursement. And the land –was that also forfeited to the State?

Out of the K200 million advance, it is believed K80 million was deposited into an account at Bank South Pacific. Nobody knows what happened to that K80 million. Interestingly enough, BSP engaged Remington Technology (O’Neill’s company) to install all BSP eftpos/ATM machines around the country.

4.2. 4th Fraud: Parliament Renovations Work L&A Construction.
During his one-year stint as the Minister for Finance & Treasury between 2010 and 2011, O’Neill paid a substantial amount of money to his contractor of choice –L&A –under the guise of renovating Parliament House. L&A did some cover-up renovations at Parliament House but much of the money was used by L&A to build O’Neill’s Paddy’s Hotel in Boroko. If one does a complete audit of O’Neill’s account books, they would discover that O’Neill spent little of his own money on building his hotel.

5. As Prime MInister 2011-2012 
O’Neill’s rise to the Prime Ministership was through an unconstitutional coup. The public at that time was frustrated with Grand Chief Somare’s prolonged absence and the fact that Somare’s own children and cronies (the ‘kitchen cabinet’ as it was then called) were creating havoc. Widespread corruption during the Somare years meant that despite the illegality of the coup, which many did not understand anyway, the public generally supported the change.

In late February 2012, O’Neill took the Finance Ministry away from Don Polye (leaving him as Treasurer) and vested it in himself. With the cheque book in his own hands, O’Neill embarked on a spending spree, paying funds directly into his PNC candidates and supporters.

5.1. 5th Fraud: Paul Paraka Lawyers

Paul Paraka was O’Neill’s lawyer acting behind the scenes during the political impasse of 2011/2012. He was also the lawyer acting for many of O’Neill’s Government MPs’ election petition cases – believed to have been run free of charge. The Paraka issue has been widely publicised and many of the facts are on the public record.

Paraka was paid K30 million immediately before the elections and K41.8 million after the elections, bringing the total to K71.8m. Reports show that O’Neill did direct fraudulent payments to Paraka Lawyers and that is the reason he is fighting tooth to nail to pervert the criminal law process.

5.2. 6th Fraud: Other Payments Known

During the period leading up to elections, a number of other people were also paid. Many of them received payments through the National Gaming Control Board. The late Simon Korua, then President of PNC Party, was paid more than K40 million for some purported prefabricated kit markets through the Small Business Development Corporation. No single kit market was delivered and the money was instead used to fund PNC election candidates. Michael Nali is another person who is believed to have been paid substantial amounts of money (around the same figure) for the PNC elections.

6. As PM August 2012 – Present

O’Neill was elected as Prime Minister on August 2012. After consolidating his numbers, he began tampering with the Constitution to further bolster his position by making it difficult, almost impossible, to move a motion of no confidence. He created an environment of fear. He puts spies everywhere so that any potential opposition is detected and ruthlessly dealt with.
Having cemented his grip on power, O’Neill embarked on the wholesale looting of public funds. The following is an account of some of the few that are known.

6.1. 7th Fraud: K3 Billion UBS Loan

This is a loan that does not benefit PNG but Oil Search Ltd. It does not make any commercial sense. The details of the loan were recently revealed by Fairfax Media in Australia and to this day O’Neill has not responded to the substance of the allegations. All he has done, as always, is attack the reporter instead of the report. Revenue to the State and landowners from the proceeds of LNG sales have been mortgaged to UBS.

6.2. 8th Fraud: K144 Million LR Group Generators Deal. 

This was a secret plan by O’Neill and his secret crony and economic advisor Jacob Weiss, whose son Illan is the Chairman of LR Group in PNG. PNG Power Ltd monopolizes the electricity/energy market in PNG –a very lucrative industry.. 

O’Neill deliberately allowed PNG Power Ltd to be run down and the power supply to deteriorate to justify a sale to private interests – LR Group, with a slice of the action by way of a secret shareholding or a secret commission to himself. Had it not for the PNG Power Workers Union, PNG Power would have been sold already. In order to raise the capital for his stake in the purchase, O’Neill directed K144 million (K50 million in December 2013 and K94 million in early 2014) to be paid to LR Group for some purported generators.

 The generators are believed to have been built by the US company General Electrical, but somehow PNG had to go all the way to Israel to buy these second-hand units. If the alarm had not been sounded by then Opposition Leader Belden Namah, nobody would have known of this secret deal. To date, these two generators have not been used. 

The real plan was to send K144 million out the front door in the pretext of purchasing the two generators and at the back door, use the same money as capital to buy PNG Power Ltd. O’Neill and LR have still got the money out there and haven’t given up on this plan. O’Neill got former Digicel boss John Mangos to orchestrate it but Mangos either could not or would not comply with O’Neill’s orders and so met his fate recently.

6.3. 9th Fraud: OK TEDI Mine.
O’Neill’s justification of the expropriation of OK Tedi was to enable the PNG Government and the people of Western Province to take ownership of the mine and maximize the benefits. But what happened afterwards reveals the true intent of that decision. Immediately after the takeover, the mine started to downsize and reduce costs and employees, most of whom are nationals. New predators such as Wildcat Development (publicly known to be owned by O’Neill) and Black Swan Security (secretly part-owned by O’Neill) started to prey on the spoils of the harvest. 

Unlike PNG Power and John Mangos, O’Neill has compliant bosses at Ok Tedi in the persons of corrupt chairman Sir Moi Avei and Managing Director Peter Graham, formerly boss of Exxon Mobil. The profits from the mine were never distributed but were held back to create a reservoir of funds to be sucked up by parasites such as Wild Cat and Black Swan. The mine was going downhill fast until there was not enough cash left in operating funds to run the mine properly. So when a massive landslide caused by lack of maintenance funds occurred, there was nothing left to clean up the mess and resume mining. Ok Tedi remains closed.

The closure of the mine should not come as a shock or be attributed to some downturn in commodity prices and other excuses offered by Peter Graham. Metal prices do fluctuate but all mines have strategic responses in place and they mitigate the risks. The only reason OK Tedi remains closed is Peter O’Neill’s greed.

6.4. 10th Fraud: K2 billion Pacific Games
It is an open secret that although the games was delivered on time, Papua New Guinean taxpayers paid dearly for the two weeks of sport and spectacle. Consumed by their own enthusiasm, many did not realize how much the Games cost the country. Most, if not all, of the Pacific Games facilities were built at triple the value of the project, the contract prices inflated for commissions and kickbacks.

 It was for that reason that most Ministers and MPs were reluctant to present medals, leaving the Prime Minister and Justin Thatchenko to do all the medal presentations throughout the Games, hopping from one venue to another.

To this date, most of the venues are still incomplete and scaffolds that people thought would be temporary are now permanent. It is estimated that about K2 billion was spent on the Pacific Games. To date, O’Neill and Thatchenko have not provided the taxpayers of PNG with an accounting of the actual costs of the games, and details of the contracts and prices paid for the venues.

A lack of transparency and accountability is O’Neill’s modus operandi and is a major reason why he gets away with so much corruption.

6.5. 11th Fraud: K160 million Kumul Fly-Over

New Zealand based Construction Company Hawkins was engaged to build the now renamed Kumul Fly-Over. The subcontractor was none other than Global Construction, a company in which O’Neill and Jimmy Maladina are believed to be beneficial owners. The initial scoping and costing is believed to be for the fly-over to end at the roundabout before Parliament House. Now, only a few months after the road was commissioned for use, potholes and cracks have started to appear. 

If K160 million was given to Hawkins, then why did they do such a terrible job? Or was the money being siphoned through subcontracting arrangements with Global, as is seemingly the case. And was there an arrangement whereby O’Neill and/or Maladina actually supplied equipment to Global through secret arrangements?

6.6. 12th Fraud: K85.7 million Gordons Industrial Road
This particular road is less than 500 meters and did not involve complicated engineering, earthworks and landscaping. At the very maximum, it would cost about K1.5 million. The taxpayers of PNG paid Global Construction K85.7 million. Imagine how much more is being paid to Global for similar contracts in NCD?

6.7. 13th Fraud: K900 million Motukea Wharf Deal

Mick Curtain owns the Motukea dry dock and at the most it is worth about K300 million. The price was inflated to cater for many mouths. Since the Government coffers were dry, O’Neill had to borrow the funds from the commercial banks at market interest rates to pay for the dry dock. Just like the power generator payments, the deal was signed, sealed and delivered in record time.

6.8. NCD Inflated Road Contracts

6.9. Lae to Nadzab Super Highway

7. 14th Fraud:  Western Pacific University
Western Pacific University in Ialibu Pangia is another O’Neill scam. Millions of kina has been poured into this project so far but nothing is materializing on the ground. The ground hasn’t even been secured. Not a single building has been built. Yet PO claims that the University will be up and running by 2017 which is a year away. His maternal cousin, Oscar Yamuna is heading this scam.

Whilst he is focusing on a new grand university in his electorate, the existing universities are lacking critical infrastructures, materials and qualified lecturers. Contractors have stopped working on the two new buildings at UPNG.

8. Frauds Against Individuals
The following are some of the individuals that O’Neill stole against:-

1. Francis Awesa –Global Construction Ltd
2. Vacant land adjacent to Ela Beach Hotel (originally owned by an Indian National now believed to have been forcefully taken by O’Neill)

9. Corrupting the Budgetary Process

Parliamentary scrutiny of Executive expenditures and revenue-raising is a critical accountability mechanism embodied in PNG’s Constitution and entrenched by tradition. Apart from the annual budgets, supplementary budgets are passed to either patch a black hole or reallocate unanticipated revenues. At the close of every fiscal year, every unspent residual amount would revert to Consolidated Revenue Fund to fund the first quarter of the following budget.
O’Neill has and is continuing to commit serious contempts of Parliament and thereby corrupting the Parliamentary process by:

1. Raising loans such as K3 billion from UBS, K6 billion from China’s Exim Bank and many other loans without Parliamentary approval, most of which are attached to struggling SOEs. These are “off balance sheet” loans which are a major contributor to the nation’s economic and financial woes.

2. In 2013, O’Neill hid in a supplementary budget an order that all residuals/savings from all government accounts – an amount of K380 million – be directed to the PM’s Department to be used for the Pacific Games. Seeing its success, in 2014 O’Neill introduced another supplementary budget, this time capturing more than a billion kina. So at the beginning of the 2015 fiscal year, there was no money in the government coffers, which resulted in the cash flow crisis that continues to exist to this date.
Constitutional requirements were flagrantly flouted. Do we really trust this Prime Minister with our public finances?

10. Economic Mismanagement

Anyone who knows the Prime Minister well would attest that he does not know much about economic management. Yes, he is smart, but smart for one thing only –doing deals and making money on the side. The country is now having to deal with the effects of O’Neill’s economic mismanagement.

10.1. Total Debt
The Treasury Department, in its Mid Year Economic and Financial Outlook report, estimated that by the end of this fiscal year, PNG’s debts would be around K21 billion. That is a very conservative figure based on the Budget documents. But Treasury fails to take into account what O’Neill, James Marape, Patrick Pruaitch and Daire Vele have borrowed in the “off balance sheet” category. These borrowings include the controversial K3 billion UBS Loan, the Chinese Exim Bank K6 billion loan, the K900-million Motukea deal, various syndicated borrowings of the National Petroleum Company of at least K900 million (paid for out of LNG revenue owed to landowners and the State) and K300 million for the Nautilus Deep Sea Mining Investment.

The actual national debt of PNG is still unknown but it is estimated that it would be around K35 billion. This is way above the Fiscal Responsibility Act limit of 35 percent of Gross Domestic Product.

10.2. Foreign Currency Shortage
There is about K3 billion of foreign exchange orders pending clearance at the Bankf of Papua New Guinea. But the central bank does not have enough foreign currency to conduct the transactions and the requests figure is increasing day by day. As a small import-reliant country, Papua New Guinea is going to be hard-hit by this shortage. People have already suffered through the fuel shortage. Now it might not be long before other essentials are affected.

10.3. Trading Band on Exchange rate

To cover for O’Neill’s folly and protect the value of the kina, BoPNG ordered the commercial banks to abide by a currency trading band under very suspicious circumstances. Despite this , the kina is depreciating very fast. As an importing economy, this is disastrous.

10.4. Compromising Bank of Papua New Guinea

BoPNG, a very independent institution that supposed to monitor and control the fiscal policy of the country is revealing conflicting information. The Governor of BoPNG seems to be heavily compromised.

11. DSIP/PSIP Control

Each Electorate is entitled to a fair and equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth. No district should be marginalized nor penalized because of its representative’s political affiliations or his stance on issues of national importance.

To keep his MPs loyal, or to buy new MPs, O’Neill increased DSIP/PSIP funding. Each district was entitled to K10 million and this year the amount has risen to K15 million. Districts whose MPs are viewed as Opposition are penalized and never get their payments. This is unconstitutional and undemocratic.

O’Neill has created an environment of extreme fear amongst MPs.
It is believed that of the last year’s K10 million, MPs who were lucky got about K5 million. Out of this year’s K15 million, only K3 million had been distributed and we are almost about to end the year.
MPs are too frustrated to remain loyal, yet too scared to leave PO.

12. Adulteration & Politicization of Independent Institutions & Bureaucracy.
Independent institutions of Government that supposed to remain neutral and perform their functions are now becoming political stooges of O’Neill. 

The Office of the Commissioner of Police, Ombudsman Commission with the appointment of another Ombudsman who is a failed politician and O’Neill’s crony, Registrar of Political Parties, Chief Migration Officer, Governor of Bank of Papua New Guinea etc…

O’Neill has a style of management where he would have direct contacts with the departmental heads. The departmental heads therefore feel more important than the portfolio minister and even ordinary MPs. One example is the Secretary for Treasury Daire Vele.

13. Cronyism

Cronyism is not uncommon in PNG politics but it’s the extent of it that really matters. O’Neill has appointed a good number of NPF cronies to very important positions including Jimmy Maladina (Chief Advisor and Hustler), Joseph Eledume (CSTB Chairman), Oscar Yamuna (Deputy Chief of Staff). He has also appointed his uncle Nathaniel Poya as Chairman of Harbours Board just to name a few.

14. Media Control

The media plays a very important role in shaping public opinion and the political discourse of any country. It is one of the pillars upon which the strength of democracy is measured. All democracies respect media freedom. O’Neill has considerable control over the content of the two daily papers. As if owning Kundu 2 is not enough, the Government through Telikom is organizing to purchase EMTV. 

All adverse news is being either watered down or blotted out before publication across the media spectrum because of pressure from the Prime Ministerial spin doctors, or because of the corruption of journalists. At the PM’s media division, there are external and internal spin-doctors working tirelessly to maintain O’Neill’s fast-fading image. Chris Hawkins and Susan Merrell are the leaders.

For overseas journalists to come into the country, their entry authorization comes from the PM’s Department through his media team. Journalists they perceive are harmful to his political image are banned from entry. Examples are Mark Davis and John Garnaut.
Senior management of the major media outlets have been bought off or intimidated into doing as they are told by O’Neill and his media officers. Individual journalists as bought off by “lunch money” and other regular bribes by the Prime Minister’s Office. Free gambling and drink tabs are available to select journalists, mostly from the Post-Courier, at Paddy’s Bar.

Social Media has opened up a new and uncontrollable platform for citizens to express their views. Though regarded by O’Neill and his cronies as a radical and destructive minorities, the minority is comprised of the educated elite of the country. Their views therefore really do matter, and O’Neill has failed to win his arguments on social media. He is openly derided as a corrupt monster.

In his dictatorial approach to media control, O’Neill has directed the Minister for Communications to expedite the passage of cyber crime laws. Armed with this draconian law, O’Neill will curtail freedom of expression and there goes PNG’s democracy out the window.

15. Silencing of External Voices and Non-State Actors.
During the Morauta and Somare Prime Ministerial terms, think tanks, unions, university students and NGOs became extremely vocal when it came to issues of national importance.
Today, they can be heard no more. It seems as if there are no issues to talk about.

Important people and institutions have been silenced.
The no-nonsense director of the National Research Institute, Dr Thomas Webster, was forced to resign from IPBC as Board Chairman and eventually as the director of NRI.
Conveniently during O’Neill’s reign, University SRC elections are unduly influenced and suddenly Southern Highlanders and Helas are taking up the presidency and other senior roles in the big universities such as UPNG and Unitech. In fact, a fight broke out when other students opted to protest last year.

16. International Relations & Immigration Blunders.
The banning of Economic Advisors such as Paul Flanagan and Professor Stephen Howes of the Australian National University has caused damage to Papua New Guinea’s international reputation. These gentlemen tried to help PNG by warning of the likelihood of the current economic crisis in honest and professional analysis. O’Neill refused to take their good advice and instead banned these gentlemen from entry.

The banning of Australian lawyers involved in O’Neill’s arrest warrant cases pending in the National and Supreme Courts has been equally damaging. Lawyers Gregory Egan and Terence Lambert were banned from entry simply because they represented the Fraud Squad and Task-Force Sweep members in court. Asian immigrants who are flooding the country on fake passports and visa arrangements are not being identified and removed from the country. O’Neill initiated Operation Rausim Alien but then his Asian friends and cronies became so uncomfortable that they demanded O’Neill to end the campaign. He immediately disbanded the team and transferred its leader to an overseas post.

Interpol’s most wanted Indonesian fugitive, Djoko Tchandra, now reincarnated with a PNG citizenship as Joe Chan, should be the first one to be deported and banned from re-entry. Requests by Indonesian authorities for Joe Chan’s extradition have been turned down and his company is now renovating the old government office complex at very inflated prices.

The real undesirables are given the best treatment whilst those who are here to help Papua New Guinea are being exempted from entry.

17. Privatization of SOEs to Steal.
Sir Mekere privatized State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to improve governance and insulate them against political interference. Those reforms underpinned the economic growth we were enjoying before O’Neill came on the scene.

PO is privatizing to steal. The following is an example:

17.1. Air Niugini Partial Sale.
O’Neill announced the creation of a domestic second-level airline company called Link PNG. This was done at around the same time O’Neill and Minister for State Enterprises Ben Micah announced the intention to sell 50% of Air Niugini to private companies. Nobody knows what has become of this sale and there was no public tender called. Interestingly, though, a small unknown airline company called South West Air (sound familiar with South Super Trading and South Western Pacific University?) seems to be setting up its offices in Port Moresby and Lae and begging to be subcontracted by Air Niugini. This little company is owned by O’Neill, who has been dreaming of a South West Pacific airline company for a long time.

17.2. Tolukuma Mine Sale Tolukuma mine currently owned by SOE Petromin Holdings was recently sold to a Singaporean Shell Company for a lousy K85.5-million. The company has a Papuan name called Asidokona. The undervalued mine is sold to a company that is believed to be closely linked to PO and Byran Chan registered out of Singapore.

18. Tampering with Judiciary

O’Neill has a history of tampering with the judiciary and of course perverting the course of justice. He did so successfully with his NPF case.

During the 2011/2012 political impasse, he organized three young Pangian men to lie under oath by filing false affidavits attesting that they saw Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia and Arthur Somare at the Ela Beach Hotel Car park at 2 o’clock one morning.

He further manipulated Belden Namah into storming the National Court threatening the Chief Justice – Namah is now paying the price with his leadership case.

When O’Neill was served with the arrest warrant in the Paraka case, he reacted by branding the judiciary, the magistracy, the justice department and the police as all compromised and corrupt. That is a very serious statement from the Prime Minister of a country. This is treason in itself.

O’Neill changed three police commissioners to protect himself and he used them successfully to protect him. He directed the removal of police officers, disbanding of task-force sweep, and suspension of the Chief Magistrate.

No PM has ever tampered with the justice system of this country in the manner and to the extent of Peter O’Neill.

19. O’Neill’s Purging Exercise.
When O’Neill was served with the arrest warrant concerning Paraka case, he reacted by:-

1. Disbanding task-force sweep,
2. Terminating Police Commissioner Toami Kulunga,
3. Terminating Deputy Commissioner of Police Simon Kauba,
4. Terminating Assistant Commissioner Thomas Eluh,
5. Revoked appointment of Kerenga Kua as Attorney General,
6. Terminated Jubilee Tindiwi as Solicitor General,
7. Banned Lawyers Acting for Police and Sweep team,
8. Recent attempt to remove Mathew Damaru and Timothy Gitua,
9. Recent attempt to arrest Lawyer McRonald Nale, Damaru and Gitua,
10. Recent attempt to suspend the Chief Magistrate for issuing warrant against PM,
11. Stopped funding for Task-Force Sweep

When O’Neill was questioned and referred for the K3 Billion UBS loan deal, he reacted by:-
1. Revoked appointment of Don Polye as Minister for Treasury,
2. Removed Dr Webster for speaking out against the illegal loan,
3. Refused to convene a meeting of the Ombudsman Appointments Committee and extend the term of the Chief Ombudsman who referred him on the UBS loan,

20. Mysterious Deaths and the Heartless Acts.
A number of people who would potentially be adverse witnesses to O’Neill have died mysteriously. O’Neill even organized a fake graveyard and a fake death certificate for his maternal uncle Jack Awela. Magistrate Allan Kopi, who struck out the NPF case, has also died.

The death of Peter Waeing, former MP for Kundiawa Gembogl, is also a mysterious one. O’Neill never turned up at the Haus Krai of one of his closest mate for reasons only known to himself.

O’Neill Government’s failure to respond to El Nino affected areas resulting in many deaths is another heartless negligence.

21. The 15% GST increase

Instead of charging the corporations more tax, O’Neill’s next move to ease the financial woes he has caused is to increase the GST by 5%. O’Neill thinks that he has not burdened ordinary Papua New Guineans enough. This increase will hurt the poor the hardest. The rich, like Peter O’Neill and his cronies, will suffer the least.

22. The Most Important Issues PO Failed
PO has deliberately failed to:-
1. Establish ICAC which he promised to do so since August 2012

2. Establish Governance structures around public finance management

3. Keep debts below the GDP/Debt ratio

4. Establish the Sovereign Wealth Fund channel LNG proceeds into the SWF.

23. Public Image & Perception Management.
In order to continue to deceive naïve Papua New Guineans that he is doing something for the country, O’Neill came up with two impromptu policies –free education and free health care. There is no strategic vision or plan for the implementation of these plans. They are not being implemented properly and therefore people are suffering. They have been fooled by the greatest con man the nation has ever known. These are just spin doctor tricks just to maintain his political look-good image among the populace.

24. Pending Criminal and Leadership Cases

O’Neill has the following cases pending in various courts:

1. NPF Fraud –case believed to be with Public Prosecutor, but files have disappeared

2. Paraka Fraud –pending warrant of arrest currently the subject of cases in the National and Supreme Courts

3. K3 billion UBS loan leadership referral –pending hearing

4. LR/PNG Power Generators Fraud –His co-conspirator Daire Vele has arrest warrant pending –O’Neill is next.

5. Francis Awesa Global Construction Fraud:- Awesa is taking both PO and Jimmy Maladina to court.

It is safe to conclude that our Prime Minister is a fugitive on the run. No Prime Minister in the history of this country or any other country within the Commonwealth would continue to hold office whilst having criminal and leadership cases pertaining to his official conduct hanging over him.

25. Serial and Pathological Lier
O’Neill has such a demeanor and aptitude that he can cook up a lie instantaneously with absolute perfection. The following are among the lies he fed Papua New Guineans:

1. He lied that he would sell the Falcon Jet,

2. He lied that his signature was forged in Paraka case when he actually authorized –his resistance demonstrates to arrest says it all,

3. He lied about a “Forward Fixed Sales Contract” for PNG LNG sales and told the Nation that revenue from the PNG LNG sales would not be affected by the oil price slump,

4. He lied about the K50 million paid in advance for some purported power generators,

5. He lied claiming that the PNG LNG revenues were kept safe in a trust account at the Central Bank of PNG. The truth is that the money has been directed into an escrow account in Singapore to service the K3 billion UBS Loan. The Governor of the Bank of PNG has confirmed that no such funds were kept at the BPNG except for royalties only.

6. He lied and is deceitful to the people of PNG with regards to the UBS loan,

7. He lied about the Ok Tedi deal as being in the interest of the Western people and that majority of the shares would be transferred to the Western people when in fact no such shares/stake was transferred,

8. He lied that when he is implicated, he would humbly subject himself to the same laws –now we know,

9. He lied to the people of Autonomous region of Bougainville that ABG would be receiving a grant of K100 million annually but miserably failed to honour the commitment.

26. Conclusion.
Ladies and gentlemen, our country is run by a Prime Minister who is known for at least 15 known frauds he committed, has 5 pending criminal and leadership cases, destroyed the independent institutions of government and massive economic mismanagement. A fraudster, pathological lier, fugitive and poor economic manager is running this country. O’Neill is a fake and is not here to serve the country and the people. He is destroying our democracy by a very big margin.

27.Future of PNG in O’Neill’s Hands
A fellow Southern Highlander by the name of David Roape attributed his book titled “His Dream is Our Dream” to O’Neill. One wonders whether O’Neill’s dream is actually our dream. 

PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill....."has 5 cases against him and 9 instances of lies in public /media.."
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  1. Never heard of a bastered or love child running a country like his own peanut garden.. Unbelievable and what a mass he has created....


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