Thursday, 18 October 2018

PNG Govt neglecting its retired public servants for many years and they are still waiting - GARY JUFFA.


Dear Government,

Attention DPM,

I have been approached by a number of former public servants who advise of their plight. 

They have said that repeated requests have fallen on deaf ears with their agencies. I believe there are many affected. This is a discussion point and an effort to flag your attention.

These are public servants who resigned and retired some time ago ranging from last year to almost a decade ago..who still await their payouts..the stress is taking its toll on them and their families and some of them have unfortunately passed on while waiting. 

Minister for DPM Mr Elias KaKapavore and Secretary Taies Sansan please address this matter with some urgency on humanitarian grounds. 

Many provinces do not have the funds to expand on this significant cost but some are trying. 

For instance we are making the effort using our development funds. However National line agency former staff are hard done by. No one is listening to their cries.

I am certain you both will. I suggest you create an office to specifically deal with this issue. I am available for discussions. A special request should also be made to consider foregoing the tax on their entitlements given that they have waited so long.

Thank you in advance for addressing this stressful situation for our retired and resigned public servants, they too deserve attention.

Kind regards,

On behalf of Oros retired public servants and all others affected by this plight.


By ‎Tiri Kuimbakul

There are two ways to make money on a regular basis. The first way is to work for yourself, and the second is to work for others.

When you work for others, you exchange your time, energy, skills and knowledge - in short yourself - for money.

When you work for yourself, you produce and sell a product or service. What it means is that you convert your energy, time, skills and knowledge into a product or service and sell that thing rather than yourself for money.

You are able to freeze your time and compact it with other resources such as your energy and skills, multiply them into many parts in the form of products, and sell them over and over.

This also goes for you buying products and selling them. You use your time, skills and network to sell products over and over.

It is much better to sell products than to sell yourself for money.

20 years old medical science female UPNG student missing in Goroka

By Becka Rita


My youngest sister has gone missing, photos below. It’s been nearly a week and despite all the efforts of my family in Goroka, she has not been located.

She was last seen in Goroka going across from the BSP bank to Papindo Supermarket to buy an ice cream. When she failed to return back to my mother who was in line at the bank, they all went searching for her, and have been searching ever since. There have been no sign of her now.

I wouldn’t normally do this but under the circumstances I need everyone’s help. Please feel free to share this story and let your family and friends know to keep a look out for Dorothyanne, my sister.

If you know of her whereabouts or think you might know or saw something no matter how remotely minuscule it may seem to you, please help to find her.

Her details are:
She is 20 years old, a medical science student at UPNG.
She went missing in Goroka.
Mix parentage of OZ & Goroka
Full name: DorothyAnne Jones.

Thank you.

“Oil Search and Govt need to tell the nation and Oil Search shareholders the true story,” - Sir Mekere.

Public Statement by Rt Hon Sir Mekere Morauta, Former Prime Minister and Member for Moresby North-West. Port Moresby, 08 October 2018

Former Prime Minister and Member for Moresby North-West Hon. Sir Mekere Morauta said there are serious allegations involving Oil Search Limited paying Moran project landowners K35 million owed to them by the Government to stop the them from shutting down the oil wells during the APEC summit.

The landowners have threatened the Government in a petition to shutdown the oil project in Moran.

There are rumours circulating and Sir Mekere is seeking to confirm the rumours if they are true.

“I hope these stories are not true,” he said. “But if they are, they confirm that:

1. The Government is bankrupt; and
2. Oil Search has become the cash cow for the O’Neill Government.”

Sir Mekere said that not only had Oil Search allegedly offered to pay the landowners the K35 million owed by the Government under the PNG LNG Benefit Sharing Agreement, the Oil Search board had reportedly approved payment of K150 million for the Government - K35 million for the Moran landowners, a further K70 million owed to Kutubu PDL2 landowners and the balance of K45 million for unknown purposes.

The former Prime Minister said that, allegedly, Oil Search officials led by a very senior executive met with Moran landowners during the weekend at the Crowne Plaza where they are camped – hopefully at the expense of Government, not deducted from their promised K35 million – and asked landowners to sign a document agreeing to accept the cash in return for agreement to not close the oil field before or during APEC.

“The executive allegedly told the landowners that NEC would be asked to approve the payment this week and that payment would be made by Oil Search before 10 November,” he said.

“If these stories are true, I wonder what Oil Search shareholders will think about the actions of the board and the senior management? Do they realise that Oil Search has become a cash cow for a bankrupt government and is being treated like a state-owned enterprise,” Sir Mekere asked.

If the stories are true, Oil Search needs to answer the following questions:

1. Is this K150 million a gift, or a loan?
2. What is the balance of the money (K45 million) to be used for and to whom will it be paid?
3. Is the K150 million payment to be deducted from future company tax?
4. Has it been disguised as a payment under the Tax Credit Scheme?
5. If the latter, why is Oil Search actively and directly compromising the Government’s fiscal regime, with tax credits for approved infrastructure projects in project areas now becoming cash advances and being spent outside the project areas?
6. Can Oil Search confirm the exact cost of APEC House – was it K70 million as originally budgeted, or more?
7. Can Oil Search confirm the total amount of future tax credits already expended in advance at the request of the Government?

“Oil Search and the Government need to tell the nation and Oil Search shareholders the true story,” Sir Mekere said.

“Papua New Guineans expect Oil Search to be a good corporate citizen and promote the integrity of Papua New Guinea’s governance structures, not be a tool of or cash cow for the Government of the day.

“This is a very bad precedent if it is true. It will create uncertainty and nervousness amongst investors, existing and potential. I also wonder what APEC leaders will think of this ‘unique’ relationship forged to impress them of stability and strong public support for the Government whilst they visit.”

“It should be clear to all now that this Government will in fact stop at nothing to feed its greed and to stay in power.”

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Menyamya Warrior. Menyamya, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

Menyamya Warrior.


Morobe Province 


Photography credit: Laben Sakaie John


When it comes to taking a hint, few can match the stubbornness of Jack Ma; after graduating in 1988 (a process that he was initially rejected four times for), the Hangzhou native struggled to find work, getting turned down by over 30 companies (including, infamously, KFC), before seeing all 10 of his postgraduate applications to Harvard Business School unceremoniously refused.

However, on a 1995 trip to visit friends in the US, Ma’s luck finally changed; after being introduced to the internet, he managed to raise $20,000 to build an online directory for Chinese businesses, taking on additional various web development projects for Chinese companies and government organisations. 

Utilizing these experiences, he returned to China in 1999 and created the online marketplace Alibaba, subsequently raising $25bn at its IPO stock exchange offering in 2014 – the highest amount of any floated company, ever.

Ma is now one of the richest people in the world, with an estimated personal net worth of nearly $43bn, while the Alibaba group is responsible for nine major subsidiaries (among them the hugely popular Aliexpress).

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Deskbell Chain in Dubai for conference

On the 30th of September in Dubai, OAE took place a special blockchain technology conference. 

Dubai is famous for its investments and innovation.


 At the conference, there were several project-leaders in their industries, all based on blockchain technology. 

DeskBell project is the only one in the world that uses navigation inside the hotel and implements a unified standard of keeping tourists informed using a global tourist mutual motivation blockchain system. 

Along with and TripAdvisor, it is a leader in the tourism sector on the IT market. 

You can learn more about the project on