Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Taking a court battle against the Government of PNG


Good night friends,I have instituted court action in the High Court's of PNG challenging the unlawful and malicious actions taken against myself and my law business by those faceless and shameless political leaders who connived and colluded with the unlawfully established Sweep Team which was made up of faceless lowly educated public servants with extremely low IQ to run a political motivated agenda to screw my law business up that I worked so hard to build over 25 years of my professional life.

Its a shame nature has caught up on them and they have all fallen off the cliff one by one; i have personally fully and ably argued the case on the 18th June 2018.The case seeks to nullify the unlawful and malicious prosecutions undertaken by the so called sweep team and for substantial compensatory damages;i expect a positive outcome on the case and a decision is expected anytime this month.

The actions by the sweep team were the results of failure of the police commissioner at the time to contain the monster that was created.The current police commissioner had taken steps to correct the unlawful steps and actions taken in the last 5 years ;the recent announcement by the current police commissioner and the fraud squad director to end the Paraka lawyers legal bills issue is a welcome news but after unnecessarily putting the country through a lot of mess including individuals and businesses that could have been avoided in the first place.

There is a lot at stake in such contradictory steps that can result in substantial criminal and civil consequences and someone has to pay for it!

I'm 100% confident of winning my court case soon and will use it as a platform to move around the country and engage with the Grassroots of PNG in partnership with the Grassroots United Front Party and Paraka lawyers, both will be established and rolled out in all the Provincial capitals,Districts and LLGs throughout png to network and connect with all rural PNG.

Those exciting programs and events will be posted on a daily basis on the Grassroots United Front PARTY PAGE so follow us there from tomorrow onward. Thank you all!



The principal of the law firm embroiled in the saga involving the Arrest warrant issued for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, is now taking legal action against those involved in the demise of his firm and name.

Paul Paraka of Paraka Lawyers is on a warpath to seek damages estimated to be in billions of Kina and even imprisonment of those involved in the scandal that’s lasted 5 years.


If Paul Paraka is serious in taking up this case, it will be a very interesting case to catch the big fish. Probably Mr. Paraka must have the best bate now to catch the big fish and lets not hope that he got himself hooked by his own bate too.

This may be the time the people of Papua New Guinea are waiting for, for our Prime Minister to deny his signature and sold the country to Lawyer Paul Paraka by paying him his damages and loss of business claim or both, paying and own-out that the signature was his (Prime Minister's) and both go to jail for trying to defraud the State.

The onus rests on parties Mr. Paraka will take to court like the Prime Minister, Former Treasure Don Polye, Former Arthorny General Hon. Kerenga Kua and the Task Force Sweep Team. Very interesting indeed, The Prime Minister will be the game plan maker in this game. Either to get the support from his players to defend his team or give the game away to the challenging team.

Yet still, if he (PM) wants to play the game plan to defend his team and probably his reputation, the challenging team will walk away with the K16 Billion Kina shield and do we have that enough money to give away for such a case when we are currently in financial crises?. Hope we do?.


Paul Paraka and his law firm were not tried criminally by a competent court that he fraudulently received more than K70m in legal fees. He has never being arrested since the Paraka Saga took center stage in 2012/13. 

He has every right to seek redress from the Courts to restore his reputation and that of his firm like anyone citizen of this country. He is protected by the constitution. To date what he received is legitimate payments unless he was convicted by a competent court. 

Some of you commenting must know that he was never been convicted not tried and any adverse comments can amount to defamation of character.

"What is objectivity and strong objective mind," writes Paul Paraka


FOR us lawyers we have been trained and dutifully practice (in our hearts) in maintaining an open and objective mind when dealing with clients and must never rush to judgement without knowing the facts (and applying the law to the facts).

 That's why courts and judges are solidly trained to "decide" on the facts (derived from the evidence). It's never the courts business to be swayed and influenced by mere "allegations".

The judgement of the public in PNG has been unfairly and unlawfully influenced by members of the sweep team who used all forms of media to run a politically motivated smear campaign in the last 5 years to destroy my reputation and legal business.

They based their actions on a set of false and unsubstantiated "allegations" that could not be proven with any hard evidence at all in court. It was quite painful 5-years but I had to endure the hurt and stress to have my day in court which is the only institution that can look at and deal with the issues objectively and independently.

After the dust had settled end of last year, I commenced my long anticipated Court actions by way of judicial review in March 2018; central to the case was a challenge to the constitutionality of the sweep team and improper and unlawful exercise of powers and denial of natural justice.

I have raised a total of 100 grounds based on nearly most of the well known and conventional judicial review grounds.The case was fully argued (on the leave aspect) on the 18th June 2018 and the reserved decision will given tomorrow at 9.30am by the National Court at Waigani.

If the case is decided in my favour (which I'm confident) I'll use this occasion to speak to the PNG public for the first time; my enemies used their 5 years to abuse state powers and institutions and play politics of destruction; it will be my turn to assert the rule of law and have myself completely cleared and pursue my enemies and all of them who colluded and connived to destroy me in a well castrated conspiracy to face the full force of the law; these kinds of "mad" people may abuse and misuse Powers when they are in office but their footprints will catch-up on them when they are tracked and trapped by the might of the RULE OF LAW!

Fellows I haven't spoken in the last 5 years for obvious reasons but I'll speak out to the PNG public commencing tomorrow soon after the court decision so that you all will know the truth from me for the first time!

You all are welcome to join me as friends in my personal Facebook account; any colleague is free to call or text me on 72368068 or email me on paul.paraka@gmail.com

Thank You all.

"I have a story for the 43th independence day," writes Paul Paraka


THE date 16th September 1975 is significant to us all and is much more for those of us who lived that time to feel it's significance as it unfolded on that day with all the fanfare and excitement of the history making moment.

I was then about 7 years old doing grade 2 in my home village in Baiyer in the Western Highlands Province.I was and I'm fortune enough to live the 43 yrs of independence anniversary celebrations and have seen it all and I'm able to speak out some of my thoughts.

Independence means freedom from all forms of domination. PNG marked its freedom from domination from our political masters in September 1975.It was a defining day that was to start the process of our political freedom as we pursued our own home grown economic growth and prosperity built on the strength of our communal and existing social and tribal structures United by the strength of our many unique cultural traditions and varying Customs that defines us as a nation different from others in the planet.

The forefathers who planned and negotiated for that day were "visionary" leaders and their instinct and thinking process were guided by what was good for the future of an independent PNG and its people.

An independent PNG was as easy as was given;what was left in our hands was to chart our way through with all vigor and determination was economic growth and a prosperous life for all PNGans.

The drivers of our progressive PNG laid in the hands and the qualities of our political leaders and the strength of our public service institutional fundamentals.

Have our political leaders and public servants served well and with distinction and delivered over the years?In my honest view the answer is a resounding "yes"! Credit to all our leaders who were there at different times In the last 43 years to make it happen;PNG has grown from a seed of independence in 1975 to where we are now no doubt,and how fast and how big in terms of its economic base and physical infrastructural changes is debatable with different views,but the fact is we have changed and progressed absolutely no doubt!

Yes we know many parts of rural/remote PNG is lacking behind and we all know a lot has to be done.And we all also know that the cash flow constraints is a major factor for any Gov in the past 43 years.Having big plans and policies is one thing and having the cash flow to drive it will always be a draw back factor till we are able to with God's grace find the ultimate major mineral or petroleum/gas discovery in this country the size of some of the big producers in the Arab world whilst at the same time investing substantially in the agriculture and Fisheries sectors as a long term sustainable economic base. 

All the past political and bureaucratic leaders deserve credit from us all where it is due for driving us this far from what little they had and could manage with.
For us the next generational leaders, ours is dreaming about taking the country forward and further to the next 43 years;We must have discussions about what each one of us can do to progress the nation to the next level.

Driving growth in the private sector is essential in growing a nation and improving its tax base.Every efforts must be made by all Gov now and future to encourage,nurture and strengthen the private sector in all the different industries so that more jobs and business opportunities are created so that our educated population are absorbed and well used to help each of their tribes/communities and the nation of PNG can be collectively progressed
Our forefathers of independence crafted our national constitution to guide the new PNG into prosperity;integral human development was an important national goal set out at the beginning of the constitution. 

Our leaders saw that educating our kids into future leaders of the country in business and Gov was key to development and progress;and they were right absolutely;to ensure that every citizen and people were able to develop themselves into their full potential in society building with out their rights being infringed upon,the forefathers charted in the constitution a comprehensive sets of civil and political rights.

FULL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS AND DUE PROCESS is one such constitutional right for all citizens.That means what every one does must be obedient and in accordance with all the Laws of Parliament.Even all Gov authorities including politicians must abide by and follow the Laws when dealing with citizens and businesses.

Unfortunately Paraka Lawyers who tried to live that "PNG Independence Dream" in the new PNG became a victim of institutional power abuse and politics of destruction at unprecedented level in the last 5 yrs.

Once the single largest local law firm in the new PNG which prided itself for providing over 2000 jobs to young PNGans right throughout PNG every single year was destroyed by political and profession opponents out of jealousy; 25 years of my handwork in creating an institution of choice for PNGans young lawyers and others was destroyed by our own so called political leaders;2000 young kids lost their jobs 5 years ago in 2013!!

Paraka lawyers was destroyed by false accusations without according the full protection of the Laws and institutional and political abuse of power,the very reason why that law was inserted into the constitution as a human civil rights capable of enforcement.
The question now I want to leave for you all is,as the today's politicians lived up to the real meaning and spirit of "PNG independence" born 43 years ago?

Friends I'll post all the institutional abuses and abuses of political power that caused the destruction of Paraka Lawyers tomorrow and all the lawful steps I'm taking to deal with my enemies.My full story will be published as Well!

Goodnight and happy independence!!

Monday, 24 September 2018



MOROBE Governor Ginson Saonu has welcomed discussions on possible economic and trade partnerships with the Papua province of Indonesia.
In a visit to Lae on Thursday, Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe said he was looking at expanding economic cooperation between the two provinces, especially within the Mamose region.

“I have been entrusted by the Central Government (of Indonesia) to strengthen relations within the region,” he said.
“I hope that the region will give me the support to make this plan happen. Morobe and other provinces in the Mamose are closer to Jayapura.
“That is why we need to have connectivity, particularly through shipping and airline services.”

Enembe said in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Cooperation (Asean), Indonesia was behind other countries,

“Thailand and the Philippines are better than Indonesia, especially in trade,” he said.
“That is why we need cooperation with the Pacific region to make a significant progress. The main game for us in the Pacific region is PNG.” Enembe said other aspect of cooperation included sports such as rugby, and the possibility of importing 20,000 head of cattle from Morobe in 2020 during a national sporting event.

Saonu said he was happy that Enembe has mentioned opening direct air access and flight routes from Lae to Jakarta leading on to Singapore and other international destinations.
“I give my commitment to facilitate for the economic and tourism development opportunities both at the provincial and national level,” Saonu said.

“Morobe will provide support for you. I request for cooperation in education and language.
“I want to work with you to provide opportunities for our students to improve their education. Let us assist each other with education scholarships.

“Because of our mutual interest, it is better to close the language barrier.
“I am willing to supply you English teachers and learning materials and in exchange you supply me with Bahasa (Indonesia) teachers and learning materials.”

Saonu requested that a team from Morobe visit the Freeport mine in Papua

Ela Beach Closed On Week Days


The newly opened K77 million Ela Beach will be closed on week days as the National Capital District Commission works on appointing a management team to look after the beachfront.

The closing of the beach was brought to the attention of the NCD Governor Powes Parkop, who was questioned by a parent why the beach was closed on the weekdays as stated by the guards on duty.

Mr Parkop said the beachfront was closed for a week by the city manager Bernard Kipit and opened only at weekends.

“It is only to allow NCD to appoint a team to manage the beach to high standards, we will make the appointment this week,” he said.

“When the appointment is done, we hope to have the beach opened, please bear with us, hopefully, for a short while.”

The beachfront was reopened two weeks ago and has been widely used by the residents of the city.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill officiated at the opening and was accompanied by Ministers and Governor Parkop.

Mr O’Neill said the redevelopment of the beach was the icing on the cake of seven years of redevelopment of the city.

“It is an excellent job being undertaken by everyone who was tasked with the job,” he said.

“When the government was re-elected we begun developments of the cities, provinces and districts this was in line with our plan to ensure the people receive services through this developments this government has undertaken.

“We are making up for the loss of time and for the last six years we have made up that time and we are transforming this country.”

Key redevelopments included roads, schools and hospitals.

Mr O’Neill highlighted the upcoming APEC Leaders’ Summit in November which would see strong development partners come to Port Moresby and assist redevelop Papua New Guinea.

“Port Moresby is changing, our city is growing and is the fifth largest city in the Pacific.

"Support PNG SMEs and buy/use locally produced items and technology," says Sam Basil


I am very happy to promote local software developers. Today, I bought my power from Jivemarket, a system developed by Jaive which I tested in my office to buy power for my house.

Jaive is a full stack developer who utilised Javascript libaries, Document Database systems, online servers and routers and many other technologies from such companies as Facebook, Amazon, Heroku and others, to build a mobile focused, lite software that can be utilised by SME's and small entreprenuers to process easipay and other services.

We need more software development in PNG like Jaives project to give better services to Papua New Guineans. Jaive now has 85 agents all across the country providing easipay at a better rate to locals.

As Minister I will push for regulatory change to secure the software industry for our local developers to empower SME's and the software industries in Papua New Guinea.

Hardworking developers like Jaive plus many others in PNG are changing the game so my ministry will recognise and support such initiatives.

I will support the development of the local software industry in PNGEAN, so that it creates more Tech jobs and more opportunities for Papua New Guinea.

If anybody from all over PNG who wants to resell easy pay in their communities just look up Jaive Smare on FB or send him an email jsmare@gmail.com for him to set you up today.

Caption #1 Mr Smare and myself. Caption #2 Actual image of my Easy Pay order which I payed K100.