Sunday, 7 May 2017

PNG Youths assured employment with CIS, Police and Defence Force - Don Polye

THE Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party's national compulsory youth service policy will provide employment for majority of the country's youths in the disciplined forces, Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye told a political rally in Vanimo last week Saturday (06/05/17).

Speaking at Wara Kongkong settlement in Vanimo, Sandaun province, Mr Polye said when in power, THE party would establish a regional college each for the regions to train them to become police, defence and warder officers.

Polye said the United Nations ratio for one police man to 300 people would be achieved, adding now only 8000 police personnel are serving over eight million people.

He further said the country's military and CIS would also be improved.
"We will also revive the vocational training facilities in the country to upskill others who do not want to serve the forces. Universities will be accredited to the world standard unlike today.

"These policies will help reduce law and order problems in the country as most problems are instigated by youths," he told them.
He said in order to strike a balance the party would create industries in tourism and agriculture sectors to create employment for vocational college graduates.

Polye made an historic visit to the settlement where basic services do not exist.
The reception was overwhelming.
His visit was turned into a forum at which representatives of mothers, persons living with disabilities and youths have shared with him their plights.

He said the policies would be funded by K4 billion proceeds made annually from the sale of LNG cargoes.
The country's K3 billion loan liabilities, he added, will be relieved from the sale of 10.1 per cent shares in the Oil Search Limited.
"We believe these policies will empower our youths to be independent financially," he said.

Meanwhile, Polye said countries in the world became great because they uphold upright leadership and high standard of morality in the conduct of their citizens.
"Wealthy countries with huge population are not great. Thus, our THE party is focused on strengthening families so that our children's characters are cultured and moulded in their conduct to be upright and morally conscious," he said.

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