Friday, 16 September 2016

Does Port Moresby has a City Development Master plan? Or is it build on a 'political scam' to suck funds out of the public funds?


SOME of us we may be thinking that Port Moresby is changing under the leadership of Governor Powes Parkop. Compared to other Governors, he is actually doing something. That is something we all should thank him.

But despite some of the changes happening in Port Moresby, there are critical questions that needs to be asked and answered to understand the real meaning of developing a city.

Is Powes Parkop really developing Port Moresby?

The answer is NO. Just like the typical PNG politician, he is wasting time and limited resources, building a temporarily settlement and not a city with no long-term plans.

Most of us we don't understand the real meaning of how cities are planned and built around the world. So anything that we see politicians built is development; whether it's of high standard or low standard or whether it is built according to long-term plans or not.

I strongly recommend for us to Google and read more about how cities are planned and built around the world. We must read more and have more knowledge about cities around the world to make informed decisions about Port Moresby. Then we can appreciate the development happening in Port Moresby.

Let's read more about the reasons why people build cities? What are the requirements of building an effective, competitive, safe and modern city to enjoy and attract businesses and tourists?

You will be surprised that the current development is not driven by any city development master plans to achieve any real meaning while allowing room for future growth and expansion.

Port Moresby is a dusty settlement we call our Capital City littered with substandard buildings, streets that are not safe for people to walk, no amenities for public to enjoy, and an ineffective and overcrowded transport system not fit for a city.

Port Moresby is a major scam used by the government to suck more money out of the public coffers. All political cronies are also sucking on the side by building makeshifts and temporarily sheds that has no significance in the meaning of a real city development but anything that can be justifiable enough to suck more public funds.

For the city to be effective, cometative among other cities in the region, safe and convenient; to attract investments and tourists, it must be driven by a Master Plan addressing all key requirements of a city development.

It's important for Powes Parkop to show us the Master Plan for Port Moresby and how he is addressing all key elements of a city development.

If he can't then I am sorry but we are wasting time and limited resources with him building a settlement.
Street in Port Moresby

Port Moresby

Port Moresby

Port Moresby

Port Moresby

Port Moresby

Port Moresby

Is this a settlement or a growing capital city of about 8-million people?

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