Saturday, 17 September 2016

A published photograph of young Somare family in 1973 when PNG was granted autonomous ahead of Independence in 1975

PHOTO below is a the cover of the Australian National Times  Magazine in November 1973, when Papua New Guinea was granted self-government ahead of Independence in 1975. It features a jubilant chief minister Michael Somare, who recognised that full independence was now just around the corner. The rapid journey to political autonomy had been swift and, all these years later, remains a matter of great controversy - did it all happen too early? It doesn't seem like the debate is likely to end any time soon....

Images from the same publication are of the young Somare family - below in 1973. 
The young Somare family in 1973.

Cover of the Australian National Times  Magazine in November 1973.
Source: Keith Jackson and Friends - PNG Attitude 

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