Monday, 13 August 2018


National Capital District Governor Honourable Powes Parkop says NCDC is taking further steps to make Port Moresby an amazing city.

Parkop said they are helping to create tourism products to assist owners of hotels and guest houses, tour operators and others to develop a better sustainable tourism industry for the City as part of this Amazing City effort.

The image of the city and the country are mostly negative but now that the city is hosting the world leaders’ meeting, a positive image should be portrayed to highlight more of our potential and help secure a more prosperous future, he said.

As part of his tourism and hospitality policy, he has been promoting the city to be a clean, safe, peaceful, active, liveable, great and smart since taking office in 2007.

Amongst all the activities taken to transform Port Moresvy into an amazing city that is good to its residents and also for tourism, he said a website will be launched as a part of this campaign.

Apart from just showcasing an amazing Port Moresby, the campaign website will include tourist attractions and destinations that offer an experience of an amazing Port Moresby, he stated.

Such offers include:

Rehabilitation of Port Moresby Nature Park for recreational, tourism, flora and fauna, history and culture, which is attractive for all type of tourists from backpackers to up market tourists as well as locals;

On-going development of Port Moresby Adventure Park at 17-Mile for various ‘tastes of PNG', including the facilities and services offered;

A new authentic China Town in the city. With China recorded as the World’s highest number of tourists, such an attraction will be very appealing lures for the city and the country as whole;

A new casino at Paga Hill exclusively for tourists' social recreation, and entertainment and;

A new cultural Park to display our culture, traditions, artifacts and other products.

He added: “We have created a lot of things to achieve an amazing city, but a lot more needs to be done. Based on our industry sector and our economy, an area which has been neglected is the tourism and hospitality sector. It is not just on the part of our city but, of course, also part of the National government as well. We have not invested much resources and efforts as we could in the industry which I personally believe is better than gold, oil or gas."

“Tourism and hospitality is a sustainable industry. I have been pushing at the national government level to invest more in this sector. And for the city, we are equally developing what we can-that is by making our City safe, creating an environment for residents to thrive, to be bigger and better,” a determined Parkop told them.

He further stated that the industry can and will be able to provide more jobs and income earning opportunities for city residents and others across the country if developed properly.

Port Moresby is being rebranded as an amazing city to grasp the massive opportunities in trade, tourism and investment that will be sparked off by APEC summit this year, he said.

While speaking to members and guests of Skal club of NCD on Wednesday (25th) night at Laguna Hotel Governor Parkop commended them for providing tourism, hospitality, travel services, and also for improving their aspects where necessary to make the city a greater, peaceful, safe and liveable city.

He said that this is a goal or passion that they have in common.

“As your governor, the outcome I want to see is a greater city that is clean, peaceful, healthy, active, liveable, smart and safe; a place that promotes good quality life for our people and international guests. Our city is not the just the nation's capital city but it is also and can be the regional hub.

“We have to dream and aspire to be bigger and better, for our city to be an international hub as well. The world can come to experience and share our way of life. They can tell the world about our dreams, ambitions and passion to achieve a better and amazing city, because the work that I have done since becoming Governor is all about achieving that outcome," said Governor Parkop.


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