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The 'Economist' bulletin's prediction does not reflect things on the ground - It's a propaganda to influence PNG elections

A PNG journalist Franklyn Kolma has published an article in the PNG print media saying a Renowned International financial entity ‘The Economist’ has published a bulletin that predicts a favorable outcome for current Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s regime.
According to ‘the Economist’ bulletin that was made available to subscribers in ninety countries around the world through post or online subscriptions, the incumbent PNC ruled government will most likely have another five years to serve the country.

This being as it may, the international firm’s experts’ project that there will be great political risk and volatility mid-2017 during the formation of the new government as a result of the unorthodox and somewhat controversial O’Neill-Dion regime.

“We expect the government of Peter O’Neill to be re-elected mid-2017 but political risk will nonetheless be high as the government implements expenditure cutbacks,” as stated in the report.

The brief basically culminates at the notion that the O’Neill government has done rather well in pushing the economy beyond a point of economic equilibrium while maintaining relative social harmony within the country.

The analytical piece goes on to highlight how excessive borrowing by the powers that be, will cause real GDP growth to be “less impressive” from 2017 to 2021 compared to that of 2012 to 2016 as a direct result of current major commodity projects and low global commodity prices weighing on export revenue and investment prospects.

The Economist closes its brief by bringing out that the predicted return of the ruling PNC Party under its leader and current Prime Minister will most likely come about due to the majority of current parliamentarians that he has in his camp and the well thought out tangible impact projects that he has began to do.
...The End...//////// 

This article is nothing but a propaganda to influence the election results for PNG. 

Whatever criteria The Economist is using could be applicable to some other countries in those 90 countries that the bulletin is in circulation but for PNG there is strong indication that Peter O'Neill and PNC party will fall dramatically. 

Let the international community be assured that the new Government will not be lead by Peter O'Neill. The country has a history of changing governments when people don't like it anymore. 

PNC led government is known for not succumb to the rule of law and harbouring corruption in the country. 

Lead by UPNG students, the university students throughout the country have outrightly rejected the O'Neill-Dion Government and wanted a change. 

In Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, posters and billboards with the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and the Governor of Southern Highlands William Powi both PNC endorsed candidates have been ripped off the streets of Mendi Town. 

Eight vehicles belonging to the Governor were chased around and stoned. People of Southern Highlands have seen; heard and observed the performances of the Prime Minister and the Governor for Southern Highlands and are not satisfied . They are showing their frustrations through direct confrontation.

This is the beginning of more unpleasant activities to come not only in Southern Highlands but will extend to Hela the home province of the LNG Gas. Just recently the Prime Minister talked about a sweeping result for his PNC Party from Southern Highlands, Hela and Enga but the early signs does not look promising for O'NEIL and his PNC party.

The major project in Mendi Town ever since 2012 the Administration of Powi’s were the Grandstand in Mome Oval and Public Toilet which is beside the oval. Nonetheless, most commentators make mentioned that the public toilet were built for Mendians because during the 2012 election, Mendians were the worse people to threw stones and sticks to his (Powi’s) campaign vehicles and even spitted betel nuts stains on the vehicles. 

Indeed, they had done that for reason: when he was the administrator for SHP, Mendians saw that nothing were done, therefore they do believe that nothing would happen even if he got the governor seat, and here we goes the actual thing had happened which is the one major and important project that SHP ever needed is public toilet so it was done. However, I am impressing to restate this phrase for those good commentators “the public toilet is for Mendians.” Sounds funny when you said that public toilet is built for Mendians, in fact Mendians do have their toilets and showers at home, though when they at town and feel like urinate or excrete, they used their feet to go back at various home and remove the nature calls. 

Therefore, to interpret this misconception by the people the public toilet is built for Nipans because they come from K10 mile and during their hours in Mendi Town when they felt that nature is calling them definitely they are going to use this toilet for they don’t have any home at Mendi. You see, Powi use his logic and built this toilet for his Nipa People. On the other hand Powi is cleaning Mendi town wisely because he doesn’t want his people to throw their waste all around the town and spoiled the Mendians Town. Marvelous job well done Hon. Powi, we Mendians would like to salute you for that.

In Simbu Province, people have stoned the vehicle belonging to the Tourism Minister Hon. Tobias Kulang in a frustration not to support PNC party.

In Enga, there is a strong rebellious against the PNC party and in Oro Province, people protested against the PNC lead Prime Minister.

It's all over PNG that people do not want this PNC lead government. They want a change in leadership. 

On the Kaulga's Travel Diary blog a survey was posted with the question "Who should be the next Prime Minister after the 2-17 general elections? As of today 14/05/17, the results are below:

107 people have participated in the votes.
Sam Basil scored 49 votes (43%)
Garry Guffa scored 32 votes (29%)
Kerenga Kua scored 20 votes (18%) 
Don Polye scored 17 votes (15%)
Belden Namah scored 9 votes (8%)
Dr. Allan Marat and Bire Kimisopa scored 8 votes (7% each)
Peter O'Neill scored 6 votes (5%)

If PNGans were to vote the Prime Minister, you can calculate who would be the Prime Minister then but PNGans know that it is through political parties that people become Prime Minister so they have a track record of removing PDM party when caught up with University students. 

The Economist analysis is too early and not based on events on the ground. The power is with the people now and its the people who will choose who to be their leader so lets us wait and see.

But do not allow such propaganda to take heed.      

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