Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Port Moresby police destroy Gerehu suburb Waikele Buai Market and assault vendors

PAPUA New Guinea's national capital city Port Moresby has a 'buai ban' policy which was introduced by Port Moresby Governor Hon. Powes Parkop as a measure to keep the city out of dirty and betelnut red stains all over the city.

Police in Port Moresby were issued with instructions to shut down buai markets, a move that goes against the local venders as it is their cash generation opportunity to keep up with expensive life in the city.

Yesterday (Wednesday 04/05/17), Port Moresby police marched into Gerehu suburb at Waikele buai market Gerehu stage six to destroy and burn down market tables by venders. The Waikele Betelnut market destroyed by police was not the first time, similar events happen before but vendors forced themselves to regroup to trade because of the economy reasons. All tables are destroyed and some people are in seriously injured in the course and now they are in the hospitals.

Below are photographs of the destruction of the market that sustained many unemployed youths and families in the city. These photographs went viral on the social media - Facebook, many commenters claimed the instruction to destroy this market came from Hon. Powes Parkop. At the time of voting the Governor not far from only 7 weeks from now, many commenters also blamed and accused the Governor for the destruction and injuries sustained by causalities.    

Meanwhile, in a different location within Port Moresby city during the same week, right at the heart of Port Moresby city near the popular Crown Plaza Hotel, an identified police vehicle full of policemen assault an elderly man and a mother of accusing them of selling cigarettes and betelnut. The two victims have reported the matter to police hierarchy to further investigation.

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Photos: PNG Development Forum - Facebook group.


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