Wednesday, 3 May 2017

"Do a proper screen of candidates and vote wisely," writes Jerry Marai on PNG's 2017 General Election

(PNG Development Forum on Facebook)

I believe it’s about time we need some real and tangible changes and developments in our country Papua New Guinea. All the developments and deviations since Independence have been hindered due to unqualified, uneducated, self-centered, incompetent, and incapable people who have occupied the seats in Parliament over the past 46 years.
 These are the kind of people we have been and are still electing to Parliament. Indirectly, we, the citizens, are also showing other people and the outside world how unqualified, uneducated, self-centered, incompetent, and incapable we are.

Therefore, I personally think the government of PNG should come up with a law that every intending candidate has to be screened carefully. I mean each intending candidate has to put out a full bio data including education, employment, experience, any community projects accomplished & outstanding recognition, character reference, future objectives, personal details, etc... about himself or herself in public so that people can see, confirm and select the right candidate. 

Any Tom, Dick & Harry on the street seem to contest in the elections and we do not really know what they do for their living, the community and the nation as a whole. Of course it’s a democratic nation anyone eligible can contest but we can't just blindly elect idiots into parliament and later face the consequences, No!

We want the candidates to prove to the citizens that they are qualified and eligible. For example, if I'm an intending candidate, no one knows what I do (bad or good) except my family. I might be a con-man or beggar on the street, who knows! But I can convince people and win or waste votes (lose) that someone wise might need to win. I hope you all can see the point that I'm trying to stress here right.

So for this election 2017, please be decisive and think carefully before voting someone of your choice. There are too many self-centered "conman" contesting who will definitely convince you with their so-called 'powerful words'. Think twice and elect a person who will come back to us in our villages and surprise us. Happy campaigning to you all and good luck..!!!

This is food for thought across everyone in Papua New Guinea before you cast your votes in this coming election.

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