Saturday, 13 May 2017

Polye warns it will be a mistake for citizens to re-elect PNC party

Opposition Leader Don Polye warns fellow citizens that it will be a mistake if they vote in again the ruling PNC party this election.

Speaking at Kokopo last weekend, Mr Polye said this election was special in which they should elect good and honest leaders, who have compassion and care for their people.

"You will continue to suffer if O'Neill returns. It is now or never.
"The greatest need in the country is the lack of upright and quality leadership.
"I with my team in the Opposition posses the qualities which are lacking in government," he said.

He justified that the country's debt level was at K45 billion, human development indexes had deteriorated and corruption had reached unprecedented levels.
Polye added that the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and his government were serial law breakers.

He further said PM O'Neill had mismanaged the country's economy into one that had become cash-strapped.
The signs and symptoms, he said, are written on the wall, citing a shortage of drugs in hospitals, delay in the disbursement of TFF funds, delay in public service wages and rationing of foreign currency.

"O'Neill should have been called a hero for breaking all the laws in the country. For instance, he breached section 209 of the Constitution when he secured the K3 billion UBS loan without the approval of the Parliament," he said.

Polye said the country's greatest security was strict compliance to rule of law and not barrels of guns or other amunitions for that matter.

He queried what kind of country was that with law breakers, expressing concern that PNG is on a path of being declared as banana republic.


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