Saturday, 13 May 2017

Polye made a surprise visit to Buin District Health Centre

Opposition Leader Don Polye made a surprise visit to Buin District health centre in South Bougainville last Thursday, 11th May, 2017.

Following an inspection of ward facilities, Mr Polye described their condition as "absolutely unacceptable."
He said the state of facilities was even worse than those in war-torn Syria or Afghanistan.

"We are indirectly killing our people here. It is sad to see funds being used on non-priority areas," he said.
Polye was accompanied by his candidate for South Bougainville Herman Laimo and THE party officials.

He assured the staff, patients and people that if he formed the next government, he would give a new life to the facilities.
They were taken on a tour to see for themselves the condition of the hospital.

The Opposition Leader further learnt that the hospital had no doctor despite its level three status.
"I find that there is no proper water supply. Homes of patients are even better than the wards," he said.

Pharmacist Isaiah Norg indicated that the government's free health care policy as failed, saying drugs, requested from East New Britain, reach them after three months.

Norg said Anti-retroviral Treatments (ART) for those living with HIV and AIDS had run out since 2014.
Mary-Jane Luapai putting on garland around Polye's neck.
 Image: PNG Opposition Media Unit.

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