Monday, 15 May 2017

"A district court order is an administrative process and not a court order to act"......Is Justice Kandakasi setting a precedent law????

Justice Kandakasi on the arrest warrant of the Prime Minister said....."The warrant came through an administrative process which didn't have the force and effect of a court order. I am not convinced there existed a court order which required compliance and was breached".

So a precedent law is set by Kandakasi in which district court orders are only an administrative process that does not have the force and effect of a court order ....

Man I can't believe this. Has this so called learned judge lost all sanity in him? Or has his conscience bought off?
The judges who over the last few weeks and months dismissed all cases relating to Peter O'Neill corruption cases must be investigate by an independent tribunal. Their decisions do not at all make any sense given the high profile nature of the cases and the office of the Prime Minister that belongs to the people of Papua New Guinea. Their actions , inactions, decisions , bank accounts etc must be investigated....

Can we have the new government that will be formed in August 2017 to set up an independent tribunal and investigate this case thoroughly. This is a serious case scenario. It needs to be investigated and correct it. 

Papua New Guinea is fighting a constitutional crisis. This is serious matter!

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