Sunday, 14 May 2017

Papua New Guinea Political Parties and Polices


Governments are runned by political parties as required by law and therefore political parties are morally and ethically bound to deliver a clear and definitive set of policies to the people in order to secure the electoral mandate to govern effectively in their set term of office.
The ruling party PNC had successfully wooed the electoral mandate with only less than a third of the total number of seats with the free or subsidized education policy in the last election , 2012 to continue in government , and have so far sustained that policy without retracting and therefore have set a record of consistency to maintain popularity in the coming election, if the people value the policy.

The other policy was to inject money into the rural districts with a total of K15 million annually which has obviously improved transportation infrastructure and other social services in health and education infrastructure that may strengthen their bid to secure the mandate to govern for another term.

However, the ruling party's biggest pitfall is their inability to curb or eradicate corruption and corrupt practices which has affected and undermined progress in a crippling manner affecting both the public and private sector.

Since it took office in July , 2012 so many financial scandals had surfaced with the Paraka payments, the finance COI implicating senior public servants including the current Chief Secretary and many others that had been swept under the carpet.

Then there were numerous other financial and construction fixtures including the Pharmaceutical supplies to Borneo Pacific company, the construction of sporting complexes and government buildings which did not comply with standard procurement procedures.

Additional to those the secretive deals on the Israeli Gas Turbines and the hasty and irregular purchase of Oil Search Shares adding a massive K3 billion to our budget deficit locking in our LNG revenue as collateral with the arrangement totally secretive.

As if that weren't enough a Senior Minister and Leader of the URP Party and his party henchmen and minister for Defence had been caught out in broad daylight fraud siphoning more than K60 million on the eve of election destroying the integrity of the government in the manner in which they had colluded senior public servants and Managers of state owned enterprises in real mafia style.

The CEO of MVIL had lost his sanity by drawing out K16 million of trust money in collusion with the scammers, with his side of the story yet to be told before a court of law , when the police prosecutors formally lay their charges.

Now the parties that want to replace the current government must come out clearly on their contractual policies , before polling so as the people will know who to bet on to chart the national course .

Currently we have THE Party with Don Polye , Sam Basil with a revived Pangu Party after defecting from PPP into PNG party and on to Pangu. We also have the outspoken Governor for Oro Garry Juffa leading his People's Movement for Change Party, Ben Micah leading PPP, Kerenga Kua leading a revived National Party after Breske ranks with National Alliance Party led by Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch. Other parties lacking in the shadows are SDP led by confused former human rights lawyer Hon. Powes Pakop and URP led by Hon. William Duma whose future is bleak with the ongoing investigation on his fraudulent activities.

The nation will expect nothing less than precise and clear cut policies to guide the nation through this tumultuous period of corruption and revenue deficit never experienced before.

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