Monday, 15 May 2017

Some observations on the campaign activities for the Enga Governor's Seat - 2017 National General Election


AFTER spending more than a week touring Enga Province day and night, I have found out the following facts;

1). Candidates vying for the Enga Governor seat currently held by incumbent Chief Sir Peter Ipatas do not seem to talk about policies. They are hell burned for character assassination on the incumbent. They carry their loudhailers on vehicles and stop at market places and talk only about Sir Peter Ipatas. I wonder whether they have policies to market to the people of Enga. People are irritated with character assassination and really pissed off.

2). The candidates have no strong arguments on issues for the province but they quickly jump to saying "country bagarap". I wonder whether we are at war with another country or should I say how much do these candidates know about the magnitude of our country's economy and how it functions. Also none of them is a party leader to be in the race for Prime Minister. They are confused already.

3). None of the candidates have outlined how they will bring forward Enga if they get elected. They just say "take back Enga". Take back Enga from what??? Enga is not in the hands of foreigners or rascals or at war!! Be real!!

4). People don't want regional candidates with false promises and rascal backgrounds. They said they will speak on the day.

Now, taking all these into consideration and the feedback from people of Enga, I am suggesting that Sir Peter Ipatas will win back with a big margin this time around.

People of Enga have grown up in politics and they know what is best for their province. You can not teach an old dog a new trick!

Yes, ACTION GOVERNOR will be back!

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