Monday, 24 April 2017

THE Party Leader Hon. Don Polye endorses his candidate to challenge Enga's Action Governor Hon. Sir Peter Ipatas

Opposition Leader Don Polye wants one commitment from the people of Enga to assist him fight corruption and salvage the sinking economy after the election.

Speaking to another huge crowd in Wabag town yesterday (Monday, 24/04/17), Mr Polye called on them to vote out the incumbent Governor Sir Peter Ipatas. Polye witnessed the nomination of his THE party candidate Sandy Talita yesterday.

He said he regretted Ipatas’ behaviours which did not reflect someone of his calibre as a senior statesman. Polye cited that he (Ipatas) should have joined Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Julius Chan, Sir Michael Somare and Sir Rabbie Namaliu’s chorus on championing upright leadership and speaking against corruption and ill-decisions by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“Instead, Ipatas only sings praises to O’Neill, who has been the main actor in breaching the Constitution and other laws, undermining democracy, creating PNG’s economic mess and in a chain of corrupt allegations. “They have become partners in running the country down. They both must be voted out,” he told a cheering crowd.

He said it would be a ‘stupid decision’ to vote them in. Enga, he said, is known for patriotism, upright leadership and fighting corruption in the country. He added that Ipatas’ compromising his principles with O’Neill’s self-oriented leadership undermined Enga’s brands.

Polye said such warrant for a change in the governor’s seat. Polye blasted Ipatas for compromising Enga’s reputation, saying Engans are brilliant and not semi-educated.

“Enga does not deserve that kind of leadership. Our leadership respects culture and future of our children Enga. We do not use our people to enrich oneself like Ipatas is doing. “He has lost his integrity. There is no reflection of Engan spirit, character and culture in his leadership,” he boldly told a cheering crowd.

He further said he was confident that Triumph Heritage Empowerment party’s Sandy Talita would have landslide victory to oust Ipatas.  Talita was the runner-up in the last election.

Ipatas, he said, does not mould and shape future leaders, adding he is good at betraying his fellow leaders. “I build and mould young leaders. I discourage them drinking beer and engaging in other bad deeds,” he said.

Polye stated that past Engan leaders like late Sir Tei Abal, Anton Parao, late Sir Albert Kipalan had set colourful legacy in the country. He said he also regretted that Ipatas failed to maintain that standard at the expense of his obsession for Provincial Support Improvement program (PSIP) funds. 

“22 years of Ipatas’ regime has seen a proliferation of beer outlets in the province. It has escalated lawlessness in the province. “It is not an economically viable project. There is no sign of empowering SMEs from Enga’s K300 million budget yearly during his reign,” he said.

Polye said the tertiary students were intellect, adding everything they projected about the economy has come to fruition. According to Polye, they protested against government’s unpopular decision to acquire K3 billion UBS loan and others.

“Ipatas stood beside O’Neill to watch his unarmed students being shot at by police. “I am not power hungry. This is the truth. Their deed speaks volumes that they are not leaders. His actions show that he is not a true leader, who has our people at heart,” he said.

The people of Enga have vowed to vote in candidates endorsed by Polye’s THE party to form the next government.
Polye speaking to another huge crowd in Wabag during the nomination of his regional candidate for THE party. Image: PNG Opposition / 2017.


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