Monday, 17 April 2017

Polye thrilled at show of huge majority support in Kandep

A show of huge majority support and a warm welcome in his Kandep electorate last week thrilled local MP and Opposition Leader Don Polye. This, Mr Polye said, will give him the leverage to tour the width and the breath of the country again to campaign for candidates contesting under the banner of his Triumph Heritage Empowerment party.

He said his party won 15 seats in the last election countrywide, a second to the ruling PNC party which won 22 seats. Polye added that this election would be the event for Kandep to lead the country. 

Polye touched down at Walupim primary school, a place lies on the fringes of Laiagam and Kandep border, to a warm welcome. The people there formed standing ovation to take a glimpse of their favourite son, who was away on national duties in Parliament.

“I am humbled by your confidence in my leadership and not materialism. I have God and people’s power to have triumph over all challenges to form the next government,” he told a cheerful crowd yesterday. Community leaders in their speech said they were aware that their children’s future has been mortgaged through the unprecedented loans the government has engaged the country into. 

“You (Polye) are capable of liberating us from this bondage of our future.  “We are now giving in to support you (Polye) this election. We don’t support you. We sympathise with you when you from the Opposition bench are aggressively fighting against the forces of corruption, ill-decisions and other unpopular deeds by government,” they told Polye.

They commended their leader for weathering all odds against him at both the national and district levels. They cited election petitions in the district since his election in 2002. 

They added his enthusiasm and bravery in championing exposure and disposal of corruption, rule of law, human rights issues and other development issues in the country. A surrender movement is Kandep has taken toll in the lead up to the Issue of Writs.
Turn-out at Walupim in Kandep. Image: PNG Opposition / 2017.

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