Monday, 17 April 2017

Polye calls for wiser, prudent leadership

Opposition leader Don Polye last week made yet another call on fellow citizens to decide seriously the fate of their future for the next 40 years in this year’s election.

Speaking to a handful of children, youths and public services at Baiyer station in Western Highlands, Mr Polye warned that PNG was at a crossroads for them to make a tough decision to choose their better, quality, sound and prudent leaders.

Due to bad weather, the chopper in which he was on board landed there to an unexpected warm welcome under a light rain. They were there to take a sight of the country’s Opposition Leader. He was requested to set off the aircraft and was escorted to a grandstand to deliver a brief speech. 

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his delegation were there as well this week to launch projects. “Our people must make decisions in choosing their leaders very seriously. Your decision now will decide the kind of leadership we would like to see in the next 40 years. 

“Do you like to see a leadership that is similar to the last 40 years or a different kind? I know our people have strong character and mindset to make a wise decision this election,” he told them. He said he used to think that politics was not that important, adding those matter most to him were business, church and normal life.

“However, I now realised that politics is very, very important. Leadership decides the fate our country’s future. When there is a problem in leadership, you, as a private citizen, business or church member, will still encounter hardships. Politics determines your future.  “Leadership determines your economy. When you do not have quality and prudent leadership, you will still face challenges in life like today. Trust me,” he said.

Polye said politics and leadership were not a laughing stock, adding it was not about casting votes to wantoks and friends. “Now is the time to decide PNG’s leadership for the next 40 years. It must be wiser, upright and high quality when comparing to the past. You must decide for such leadership,” he said.

He likened that the country’s economy to a patient under intensive care unit. “I am sorry to say this. We need to change the current leadership for the better. “You have to change the current government. PNG’s purse is in red. The current leadership is bad, corrupt, short-sighted, narrow-minded, greedy and selfish. Your future is gloomy and bleak. 

“The government, which our THE party forms after the election, will establish quality leadership. A leadership that is sound, wiser, better and prudent. A leadership that is love, generosity and compassion oriented,” a determined Polye said. He thanked them for an unexpected warm welcome.
Polye with youths and children in Baiyer station last week.
Image: PNG Opposition / 2017.

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