Monday, 17 April 2017

Surrender movement in Kandep takes toll

A surrender movement by Kandep MP Don Polye’s non-supporters in Kandep has taken toll. It is a work of sympathy towards their local MP and Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye for his unwavering bravery in overcoming all odds at both the district and national levels. Polye’s two-day visit to his Kandep’s Lawe and Walupim saw die-hard supporters of his political opponents surrendered to him.

Proud people from the areas in Kandep, Enga, said last week that their local MP had been at the forefront taking the government to task on a whole series of issues affecting the country. They used to claim themselves as infamous opposition faction in Kandep but at a ceremony each this week there they genuinely gave in to support Polye this election. 

In their words they said they united in one spirit to re-elect their leader to vie for the country’s top position. With the Issue of Writs less than a fortnight away, Polye’s non-supporters from three Walipim wards and two wards at Lawe in Kandep’s Lai constituency gave themselves in to stand hand-in-hand with Polye and his Triumph Heritage Empowerment party. 

Polye landed in a chopper at Walupim primary school to a warm welcome. A similar welcome awaited at Lawe on Tuesday. The wards have an eligible voters of more than 4000 of which Polye usually scores more than over half of this. 

In light of their surrender, the chances are high that he will score more than 95 per cent. Not only this the opposition factions but also in other constituencies have also joined the queue in similar fashion.  Those include Last Wert (4500 eligible voters), Sawi, Pindak, Kombolos (an opponent candidate’s village) and Kambia. These are the strongholds of Polye’s political foes. 

Polye has recorded three election victories on primary counts only. He usually scores more than 25,000 votes out of 48,000 eligible voters. This total figure is subject to change after the approval of the recent Common Roll update. This time his chances are high that he will record his fourth victory with more than 35,000 primary votes again.

Local leaders have called on Kandep’s elites to support their leader. They said they were proud of Polye for putting Kandep at the limelight. They added that they were also proud to have elected a vibrant leader PNG needs. They, with their leader, have pledged to liberate this country from its doldrums of poverty, lawlessness, corruption and other development issues.
Surrender team at Walupim in Kandep. Image: PNG Opposition Government / 2017.

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  1. If people are bestowing their power to you, please use that and eradicate this impoverish,shoeless living condition.