Friday, 28 April 2017

Fake K100 banknote out and in circulation - People are warned to be aware and report suspicious payments

IT was reported on the social media that a fake K100 banknote is in circulation in Papua New Guinea as the country is facing its national general elections.

The report warns against those who are in receipt of any payment with a K100 banknote to immediate report the note to a nearest commercial bank for verification before accepting or further using. It is believed that a shipping container of fake K100 notes has arrived from offshore and currently in full circulation mostly in the highlands.

People were warned through social media to keep an eye on the following events that involves large amounts of money in cash such as income from selling some produce, from bride price payment, haus cry (funeral) or any other activity that you get payment in large amounts of K100 banknotes.

However, the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea is yet to confirm the reports of this fake banknote circulation and release a statement.

The fake note is rumored to have come from Indonesia. The sample and marked specimen to stop further use of this note are in the photographs below. Payments made in K100 notes 
must be examined before accepting especially on the two border provinces with Indonesia.

Photograph of fake notes in circulation.

Fake K100 notes

Fake 100 note

Here are 3 examples of K100 notes. The middle one is FAKE. It is made of paper not plastic as the real one. 


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