Tuesday, 21 March 2017

"I have what it takes to be the next Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea," Opposition Leader Don Polye says.

He wants to set his sight at nothing less than forming the next government, Opposition Leader Don Polye told a crowd in Karamui station last Saturday (March 18). 

Mr Polye said he had enough of serving Prime Ministers as he suffered many sackings only to protect the country and her people.

Karamui-Nomane is one of the electorates in Chimbu, sharing a land border with Gulf and Pangia in Southern Highlands province. 

He added that he received PM Peter O’Neill’s boots when he rejected to commit the country’s future through the UBS loan.

“If I become a minister again, I will still be sacked because I hate Cabinet’s corruption and decay in morality. 

“I want to change Karamui-Nomane. I want to connect it to the rest of PNG. I want to see our people believe deeper in God. I want to be the Prime Minister myself because I possess all it takes to be one,” a determined Polye told them.

He outlined that the current Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government;
  • has mismanaged the country’s economy and wealth; 
  • abused human rights and democracy;
  • breached rule of law;
  • compromised public service and systems of governance;
  • human development index deteriorated and;
  • corruption has reached unprecedented levels.
“I want to become the Prime Minister myself as I know how to solve these problems.

“I have God-given wisdom, knowledge and understanding to free this country from the bondage of poverty and corruption,” he said.

Polye said he was lucky enough to become an MP in 2002 when he was a young. 
“I have not only learnt so much in my capacities as World Bank and IMF chairman, the Opposition Leader and Deputy Prime Minister.

“Finance and Treasury, Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Works, Transport and Civil Aviation and Higher Education ministries have also moulded and shaped me,” the Opposition Leader said.

Polye said it was about time he should lead this nation, describing PNG as a rundown vehicle or as someone under intensive care unit. 

“If our THE party does not form the next government, this country will be thrown to the ‘morgue’ for burial,” he warned.

Don Polye and supporters.

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