Tuesday, 21 March 2017

"It's not about a lot of resources, not because of a big population - it's about characters of leadership," says Don Polye

A character of uprightness in leadership is a solution for the country’s development challenges, according to Opposition Leader Don Polye. 

Speaking to a crowd at Karamui station in Chimbu on Saturday (March 18), Mr Polye said having plenty resources and wealth in a country did not help shape and develop itself. 

“Its population may be big but it does not strengthen it. It having a huge workforce or a literate population does not as well. 

“Do you know what really strengthens and makes a nation become great and powerful? It is a character of uprightness. It manages the affairs of the country and its people. 

“Upright leaders have sympathy for their people. Sympathy is shown when he or she has a good character,” he told them. 

He has challenged intending candidates to have model personality before being elected as an MP.

“You must have a good character. Do not be misled that you will be a better person after becoming an MP. No way. Do not behave like this. For instance, you may think that: let me deceive the people and buy their votes first. After that, I will change my character. 

“You are only spoiling yourself. This is a behaviour common to this Prime Minister and his government. They keep deceiving our people and then give out cash handouts to our people; it does not solve the real issues affecting the country. The challenges still remain unaddressed. You must be honest. You must have a model character,” he said. 

With that, Polye said, he or she will have no problem delivering goods and services to his or her people and manage their affairs well. 

Meanwhile, he said there was a man whom he knew whilst working as an engineer in the province, adding he is from the district. 

“I know Geoffery Kama. He is honest and a straight shooter. He criticises leaders including me without fear or favour. 

“Honesty and integrity is an integral part of his personality,” he said.

PNG Opposition Leader Don Polye. Image Credit: PNG Opposition Media Unit. 2017 

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