Friday, 31 March 2017

Don Polye wants PNG''s national tertiary institutions accredited

Opposition Leader Don Polye wants the country’s major state-owned tertiary institutions accredited to the world standard so that graduates are able to apply for jobs overseas.

Addressing an enthusiastic crowd at Goroka’s National park today (Friday 31/03/17), Mr Polye said even when they graduated in various qualifications, they were not exportable overseas.

He said the universities should meet international standards, adding their ranks and profiles were disappointing.“This is one of the priority areas, which our alternative government will be giving attention to when we are in power. 

“This accreditation program will cost us less than K100 million when comparing with a grand flyover in Port Moresby at a cost of K320 million,” he told a cheering crowd. He said the University of Goroka would need over K10 million to implement the program whilst University of Technology needs about K20 million.

He cited that the engineering school in UNITEC should be accredited to Sydney or Washington accords. Polye added it would cost about K40 million for the University of PNG to accredit its courses. Meanwhile, Mr Polye said when he was in government, he would make education compulsory for children through a law.

He described the government’s tuition fee free policy as populist and failed. “We will fund more education facilities to accommodate the increase in enrolment. The schools across the country will receive their funds on time,” a confident Polye said.

He said all the run-down vocational and technical schools across the country would be given a new life to skill youths for the country’s success.

Polye being led into the stage by mudmen. Image Credit: Media Unit - PNG Opposition / 2017.

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