Friday, 31 March 2017

Revival of stabilization funds takes Polye's priority list

THE revitalisation of stabilisation funds for cash crops are high on the alternative government’s priority list, according to Opposition Leader Don Polye.

Mr Polye said when in government, K3 billion would be budgeted for the agriculture sector, adding a considerable attention will also be given to the aqua-culture and tourism sectors.
Of that, he said, K200 to K300 million will be set aside as a stabilization fund for the coffee growers. 

“We will park another K200 million in the National Development Bank, especially for youths to venture into agriculture businesses,” he told a huge crowd gathered in Goroka town today (Friday 31/03/17). He said an additional K200 million each would be allocated as a stabilization fund for cocoa, oil palm and copra.

Polye said this was the way forward to insulate the industries against any external shocks. He stated that he would discuss issues with the landowners of a coffee plantation in Waghi valley to revive it to its full operation. 

Polye, as the alternative Prime Minister, was invited by Goroka urban youths to have a dialogue with him and then find ways as on how to address their plights after the election.

Don Polye. Image Credit: Media Unit - PNG Opposition / 2017.

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