Friday, 31 March 2017

PNG youths must be skilled, empowered to grow the country's economy

Youths must be skilled and empowered financially to spin the wheels of the country’s economy, according to Opposition Leader Don Polye. 

Speaking to thousands of people, who gathered in Goroka town today (Friday 31/03/17), Mr Polye queried why the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government overlooked their strength to grow the economy.

He said youths represented more than half of the country’s population. “Our Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party focuses on empowering them with necessary skills and employment. “All your aspirations are our THE party’s policy. They are all captured holistically,” he told a cheering crowd.

He said the party had piloted this youth empowerment policy in Lae, Morobe province, adding it was a success with over 18,000 youths graduated in various trades.

Polye was speaking at a dialogue forum hosted by Goroka urban youths. He stated when in government, the Departments of Youth, Religion and Community, and National Planning be abolished and parked under the Department of Prime Minister and NEC. 

He said in this way, the Prime Minister would be effectively addressing the issues youths were faced with. Youth leaders asked Polye questions as to why there was:

1. Despite 300 shipments of LNG cargoes were sold, the country is being cash-stripped;

2. The increase in election-related fees;

3. The prices of goods and services are expensive and;

4. There seems to be a different set of laws for grassroots and politicians.

They commended the Opposition Leader Don Polye as fire-brand and one of the few leaders fighting for the rights of common people.
Responding to the questions, Polye applauded them for asking these questions which, he said, were realistic, truthful and genuine.

He amazingly said such questions were lacking at the floor of Parliament. He further said K3 billion was responsible for the economic crisis, adding the LNG proceeds were all tied to repay the UBS loan. There is a shortage of funds to run for the election due to the cash flow problem, he said.

Polye stated that the increase in the fees were only to raise money to fund the operational cost of the election. He assured them that when in government, he would restore the rule of law and democracy. The Opposition Leader warned that citizens should brace for increase in taxes, especially salary and GST.

Don Polye's banner in Eastern Highlands Province. Image Credit: Media Unit - PNG Opposition / 2017.

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