Sunday, 31 July 2016

Pangu Pati adds new advisors to prepare 2017 elections

PANGU PATI strives to rebrand its efforts to revive the core values of the oldest political party that stood and fought for political independence.  Leader of the Pangu Pati Sam Basil announced the appointment of Former PNG Defence Force Commander Jerry Singirok and businessman Bryan Kramer yesterday to take up advisory roles of the party, as reports by PNG Loop.

 Singirok has been appointed as political advisor on national security and Kramer has been appointed as chief political strategist. They join Policy Advisor Dulcie Somare Brash in the party’s think tank.
In when welcoming the two advisors Basil said their involvement and contribution to the party will really bring change to the party and the people as a whole.

He said the party’s highly qualified team of advisors will provide the essential technical, security and political support ahead of the 2017 national elections.

Photo: Party Leader Sam Basil and Goiala MP William Samb with newly appointed advisors and Ms. Brash in Port Moresby. Image Credit: Legend FM.

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