Monday, 5 June 2017

Is lifting of 'Buai Ban' in NCD a campaign policy for candidates?


MOST of the the intending candidates in NCD are capitalising on the incumbent Governor's buai ban policy and my mind is bombarded with full of thoughts about what really they wanted.

Betelnut is off course a cash crop (generates money for families) and most of the city dwellers making their ends meet on buai alone. However, when there is no control over the rubbish, it cost hundreds of thousands every month to clean up the mess from buai alone.

Therefore, when the buai ban policy was introduced, our capital city was very clean until now that the ban was partly lifted and the city gets back to its filthiest stage.

I really wonder if our well educated elites contesting the NCD regional seat could come up with some policies that will bring solutions to real life situations that the city residents are facing than talking too much on buai ban policy. 

Just to name some few situations are:
1). Accommodation
2). Development of settlements into suburb with proper planning, water, power, roads,sewerage systems
3). Block holders with modern permanent house must be issued Land Titles
4). Make sure the Real Estates companies and other home/property owner's must reduce their accommodation rental rates
5). Government TAX is killing the salary and wage earners so what will you do?
6. Engagement of unemployed youths (Human Resources) to do something worthwhile instead of roaming around Gordons market and snatching bags and etc... 

But I don't know why you candidates are talking too much on lifting buai ban?? 

I can categorise those candidate's as educated elites without WISDOM (Lack Wisdom).

It clearly portrays that, you' haven't planned/strategized well over the five years and now you've paid the nomination and you're preaching everywhere about lifting the buai ban.

...I wish those intending candidates all the Best....


  1. Jamie Maxtone Graham when he was former MP of Amglimb South Waghi - he talked about bring cows, donkeys, water buffalos to provide alternative for transport and some agricultural innovation. Never heard of this idea anymore today, he must self for Jiwaka or will never try in NCD too?

  2. Both of them are taking this buai ban as their platform to change the mindsets of those who heavily rely on buai's a nonsense....buai ban is best for the capital city...

  3. Sierra Whiskey5 June 2017 at 21:38

    If the powes team is seeing this, the betel nut ban had great intentions but why not litter ban instead. Objectives and deliverables will be, everyone benefits while our county especially capital city and landmarks remain clean.

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