Monday, 29 May 2017

What type of a future we are leaving for the future generation in Papua New Guinbea? - Garry Juffa

"I am concerned and worried about the type of future we are leaving the future generation..

Will it be a nation they own or will they be handed a bad cheque and an economy riddled with debt thanks to our current careless mismanagement?

Will they praise us for saving them a nation or curse us bitterly for selling them into slavery?

I am worried....."

Hon. Garry Juffa - 
Oro Governor in Eastern Highlands Province 

PANGU Party has policies to correct PNG’s creaky democracy and fight corruption


FOR most of the time since independence in 1975, Papua New Guinea enjoyed a vibrant democracy under the rule of law and with law-breakers dealt with as they should be.

But six years ago things begin to change as corruption moved to a new level, spreading into every government office.

At a time when the country was about to embrace the benefits of the largest liquefied natural gas project in the Pacific, the government was taken by force.

In a numbers game, the courts were effectively sidelined and Peter O’Neill stormed into the leadership.

The people – or those of them who understand such matters - were shocked by this defiance of the constitution. It was unprecedented and unbecoming behaviour at the country’s highest level and integrity, ethics and sensitivity to the rule of law were put to the sword.

In a Waigani courtroom on 29 March this year, a Supreme Court full bench ruled that the Ombudsman Commission has the power to investigate the office of the prime minister in respect of allegations relating to a K3 billion loan obtained from the Union Bank of Switzerland in 2014 to purchase 10% of the shares of Oil Search Limited.

O’Neill may believe that the Ombudsman Commission is adversely ‘derogatory’ of him but it was established by an Act of Parliament and is the statutory body instituted to ensure there are checks and balances on leaders, including the prime minister’s office.

The K3 million loan is not the only offshore loan that needs scrutinising, there are a couple of others too. I would nominate the K6 billion from Exim Bank of China, the K83 million Ialibu-Pangia Highway loan, the K223 million World Bank loan and the K3.5 billion Okuk Highway rehabilitation.

There are allegations that most of these loans were obtained without proper vetting or procedural oversight.

And the Paraka matter is still alive. Last week Mal Varitimos QC, representing the prime minister, made a submission to quash O’Neill’s arrest warrant in the Paraka saga. The decision of the court is due on Friday.

The 2012 Alotau Accord committed the government to establishing an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) but the last five years saw nothing but further promises. Certainly they did not see an ICAC and the new government after the election needs to get on with this.

Amongst the coalition partners in opposition, Pangu’s good governance policy is appealing. Pangu has said it wants constitutional office holders such as the chief justice, police commissioner and chief ombudsman to appoint ICAC officers.

Pangu Party leader Sam Basil’s declaration not to align with any MPs from People’s National Congress or its coalition partners, those who have run down the economy, in forming the next government is a bold stand. This looks even better when considering the need to fight corruption.

We do need to curb corruption that is so deeply rooted in our system of government and Pangu’s good governance policy would give us a good chance of doing this.

Source: Keith Jackson's PNG Attitude blog 

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Australia, US talks about the rotten political practices and corruption in Papua New Guinea


PAPUA New Guinea is entrapped by deeply corrupt politicians who have enriched themselves on resource revenues and Australian aid programs, according to United States diplomatic reports.

Australian government officials are reported as saying that generational change in PNG politics following the eventual departure of the ailing founding father and former prime minister Sir Michael Somare is a "false hope". They describe the PNG government as a ''totally dysfunctional blob''.

The damning assessments of Australia's nearest neighbour and former trust territory are contained in confidential US embassy cables obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to The Saturday Age.

In a 2008 briefing the US embassy in Port Moresby noted that resource revenues and Australian aid have served "more to enrich the political elite than to provide social services or infrastructure. There are no large-scale local businessmen, but numerous politicians are relatively well off".

PNG is Australia's largest recipient of foreign aid and in 2011-12 will receive more than $480 million. The Australian development assistance agency, AusAID, says PNG has "some of the worst health and education outcomes in the Asia-Pacific region".

Anxious to avoid diplomatic offence, Australian government ministers and officials rarely talk openly about corruption and maladministration in PNG, preferring to speak of "strengthening governance" and helping "institution building''. But the cables provide grim assessments of PNG's chaotic political system and failing administration.

In a May 2007 cable titled "Ponzi politics", the US embassy gave a damning account of PNG politics.

"Steeped in traditional magic and innocent of modern economies, PNG's citizens prove easy marks for Ponzi schemes which proliferate throughout the country,'' the embassy observed. "Now it's election time … and the politicians are dusting off their bottles of snake oil … it's an appalling spectacle of disregard for governance.''

In another report before the 2007 election, PNG's most recent national poll, the US embassy memorably reported that "the pork has hit the fan" as Sir Michael Somare reallocated ministerial portfolios to ensure that his cronies were well placed to buy political support.

One minister who benefited from Somare's patronage had previously held the health portfolio and was "mostly remembered for his insistence that he was just a politician and therefore could not be held responsible for the fact that the country's hospitals had run out of medicines while his ministry was still flush with cash".

The embassy's report painted a grim picture of the Somare administration's commitment to law and order: "The single most pressing problem facing PNG is the almost total collapse of the police force. So it is doubly disappointing that the effective [Police Minister Bire] Kimisopa was pushed aside. The portfolio has little control over expenditure. But his focus likely discomforted Somare and his cronies for the same reasons they worked to scuttle a large-scale Australian package which threatened to dramatically improve police performance."

The cables confirm that Australian officials have no illusions about the state of the PNG government. After a mid-2007 discussion with Australian high commission staff in Port Moresby, the US embassy reported that "one Australian analyst described generational change as a 'false hope'''.

After a long period of illness, Sir Michael Somare has been removed from office, though he is still protesting that his ouster was illegal. PNG's next national election is scheduled to be held next year.

■ Up to 3300 US diplomatic sources - including many in anti-US regimes who could face jail or death if discovered - have had their identities revealed via the release of the unedited WikiLeaks diplomatic cables trove.

The release occurred after a link was found online between a password included in a book by a Guardian journalist, David Leigh, and an encrypted file of the entire database stored on a filesharing site, The news spread via Twitter and by yesterday the 251,287 unedited cables were spreading across the web.

Source: The Sunday Morning Herald.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Opposition Leader made historical visit to remote Kandrian-Gloucester

KANDEP MP Don Polye is the first sitting Opposition Leader to visit remote Nutannavua village of Kaliai-Kove LLG last week.

The village is located at the North-Coast of Kandrian-Gloucester district in West New Britain province.

Former Prime Minister and New Ireland governor Sir Julius Chan, as a sitting PM, set his foot there in 1980s.

Polye and his candidates-WNB Regional William Bill Gare and Walter Lunga for Kandrian-Gloucester open arrived on Friday at the mainland of the village in a helicopter to yet another red carpet treatment.

As is the tradition, traditional mat or moe in Kove dailect was rolled out to Polye and his delegation.

They were transported to the island village from the mainland on a traditional outrigger canoe.

Polye was initiated as their chief or Mahoni in local language. Earlier he was made the Chief of Bola village of Talasea district.

Similar welcome was accorded to him at Gloucester station where he visited after the island villlage's occasion.

His Bialla visit also saw voters flocked in numbers to welcome him and his candidates on Thursday.

Locals surrended their arrow or iro in local dailect by forcefully plugging it into the ground to signify that they were all up to support Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party and its candidates in the province.

His warm welcome was witnessed by more than 3700 people.
In his speech candidate Walter Lunga shared with Polye and Gare the plight of the people.

He said cocoa, copra, coffee and other cash crops only rot away in storage due to lack of the road transporting it to a closer market.

Mr Walter said they always wished for a better road fully connecting the district with the rest of the province.
Gare said he would deliver the road to the people if elected this election.

He added that they were neglected for a long time.
Polye promised K100 million for this road if his THE party formed the government in September with an additional K250 million for coffee and its price support fund in the coast, including those in the district.

"Our government will transform the current policy regime in distributing wealth to the provinces.

Those provinces which contribute more to national purse will get bigger slice of the National Budget. One such province is West New Britain," he told a cheering crowd.

He called on the people to vote his candidates into Parliament for the betterment of PNG. 

Rose Peter decorating Polye with traditional neck dresses at Nutannavua village.....

Polye and his candidates being ushered by dancers into the stage at Gloucester station....

Gerard Kaluai presenting a traditional plate to Polye at Nutannavua village......

Cosmas Gass presenting a wooden carving of eagle to Polye at Nutannavua village......

Bill Apamumu presenting a traditional kundu drum to Polye at Nutannavua village....

Bill Apamumu presenting a traditional kundu drum to Polye at Nutannavua village...

Traditional mat or moe in Kove dialect was rolled out to Polye and his candidates at Nutannavua village....

Polye and his delegation led to the stage at Nutannavua village in Kandrian Gloucestor district.

 Polye being led to the stage by 6-year old Jossie Ronald and Jonally Ronald,4, of Morobe and East New Britain parentage in Kimbe town.

Anna Moligi adoring Polye with a traditional head dress at Nutannavua village.

A list of 33 candidates contesting the Kagua-Erave Open Seat - 2017 National General Elections.

A list of 33 candidates are now contesting for Kagua Erave Open Seat in 2017 National General Election. Current sitting MP is Hon. James Lagea, PNC Party man.

Aliya (Kagua Central) LLG with 22,000 eligible voters.

1. Ray Yandi (Rumbalere Council Ward - Rakerepa)

2. Matthew Walapi (Rumbalere Council Ward - Kulumbu)

3. Justin Karasa (Koali Council Ward - Kulumbu)

4. Eddie Kepeapa (Koali Council Ward - Kulumbu)

5. David Sulei Yama (Koali Council Ward - Kulumbu)

6. Otma Mapuna (Yame Council Ward - Mirupa)

7. Wesley Raminai (Porane Council Ward - Mirupa)

8. Thompson Belo (Porane Council Ward - Mirupa)

9. Cedric Yasi (Tuliri Council Ward - Mirupa)

10. Maina Pano (Yalu Council Ward - Yamu)

11. Yamo Bakira (Raku Council Ward - Kambia)

12. David Roape (Raku Council Ward - Yala)

13. Markus Kamali (Katiloma Council Ward - Perepe)

14. David Dolo (Sumbura Council Ward - Perepe)

15. Dickson Tasi (Ronga Council Ward - Kamarepa)

Aiya LLG with 25,000 eligible voters
1. James Lagea (Yanguri Council Ward - Alopa)

2. Nel Yapa (Mapata Council Ward - Ramirepa)

3. Timothy Irinaya (Pira Council Ward - Hape Mirupa)

4. Alfred Mokae (Uma Council Ward - Buna)

5. Stanley Kop (Lakira Council Ward - Pamendarepa)

6. Loma Pamea (Aboba Council Ward - Kandina)

7. John Yano (Ibia Council Ward - Maripa)

Erave LLG with 16,000 eligible voters
1. Justin Yalu (Batri Council Ward - Waluaperepa)

2. Komeali Ropa (Batri Council Ward - Waluaperepa)

3. Yapi Akore (Batri Council Ward - Kanarepa)

4. Kes Pagripali (Kopere Council Ward - Pagirepa)

5. Benny Yambe (Kopere Council Ward - Pagirepa)

6. Topa Mata (Tiapili Council Ward - Komarepa)

7. Steven Kewa (Balowei Council Ward - Polopa)

8. Enos Carlos (Boro Council Ward - Polopa)

9. Nemo Yalo (Yanguli Council Ward - Yala)

Kuare LLG with 5,000 eligible voters
1. Maris Wapa (Kalawira Council Ward -)

2. Joel Raitano (Koya Council Ward - Amburepa)

Choose wisely & vote the best candidate with a suitable & well qualified MP's credentials. God bless Kagua Erave.

Supporting locally owned businesses (SMEs) is the first best thing every citizens should be doing but we failed.


WHEN in Goroka this is where I stay (photograph below). Emmanuel Lodge and Apartments near Pacific Gardens. A quiet friendly place owned by Papua New Guineans.

The price is very competitive and it's location central. Its exceptionally clean, spacious and has great service.

Everywhere I go I see Papua New Guineans struggling to participate in doing business in their own country and I see resilience, courage and determination to succeed despite the odds. 

I see the survivor instinct and the underdog tag. It makes me determined to do my best to help where I can.

For now, all I can do is be their voice and give them encouragement and business.

If we all did that, we shall surely progress. Helping a PNG SME helps employ other Papua New Guineans and their families.

Stay at PNG owned establishments when you can. In Goroka I recommend Emmanuella Apartments near Pacific Gardens to anyone looking for a stay.

Additional Notes:
Papua New Guinea needs strategic and innovative leadership. We need that patriotic stewardship. We lack wisdom, foresight and strategic decisions. We have everything that a nation needs to have and wants to prosper. But we need one magic thing that is being patriotic and unity for the 8-billion people.  

In the O'Neill-Dion Government, many MPs were offered money and being manipulated easily by money when it comes to stand up for the rights of the people. This was very clear at the time of Vote of No Confidence! Politicians who love money are the ones who will destroy this rich country.

Many of our international friends including US and Australia are talking about us citing we are corrupted and cannot manage ourselves. Well that is true when we have money-lover politicians voted in every time.

Its an unfortunate situation but we continue to blindly vote in wrong leaders and who get in to think about themselves and not their people - the very people who gave them the mandate.

Supporting local business and growing our own SME is the first best thing not only the politicians but every citizens should be doing but we failed.

We all need unity and oneness to help grow ourselves. Without being patriotic and united, we cannot prosper.

Friday, 26 May 2017



A list of projects, developments and success stories in the Nation's Capital, Port Moresby from 2012 to 2017 when Powes Parkop was the Governor for NCD.

1). Expanded the City physically, socially and economically especially with massive infrastructure development in partnership with National Government including many new roads, flyover and world class sporting facilities. 

2). Successfully hosted the Pacific Games in Port Moresby.

3). Successfully hosted the FIFA under 20 Women's World Cup.

4). Gave pre-employment skills to over 16,000 young people under the Urban Youth Employment Program costing over K30m. Some getting full time and part time jobs.

5). Expanded the Technical and Vocational Education Training scholarship program to over 10,000 young men and women.

6). Awarded over K8 million in college and university subsidy to over 5,000 young men and women from the City and provided more subsidy to students in private colleges and schools. 

7). Upgraded classroom infrastructure in most primary school in Moresby South in partnership with Moresby South including K2m upgrading of KilaKila Secondary school covering 22 classroom and assembly hall.

8). In partnership with Moresby South and Moresby North East we jointly funded and connected many communities in the two Districts with water including the Dogura to Gereka Community and also Taurama communities with the road constructions there.

9). Upgraded Kaugere Clinic to be a health Center and in the process of upgrading Kirakira Clinic to similar level in partnership with Moresby South.

10). In partnership with Moresby South we built over 7 markets including the Fish Market and Koki Market.

11). We upgraded and sealed many roads in the City at over K200m in all three districts in the City including Motu Koitabu Villages.

12). We joined the Active City Program as one of the 7 selected cities of the World to promote safe, clean, healthy and smart cities using physical activity in partnership and collaboration with the International Olympic Committee ( IOC).

13). We launched the strategic plan to respond to and reduce gender based violence (GBV) including setting up and funding a secretariat to work with Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee who are at the frontline of effort to respond to and deal with GBV.

14). Upgraded Charles Lawanga high School to a secondary school.

15). Launched and rolled out the container shop program in partnership with Super Value Shops to economically empower Motu and Koitabu people.

16). In partnership with Moresby South we built community centers at Pari Village and Joyce Bay.

17). Impose the Buai Ban policy as a means of changing attitudes and habits as part of our effort to promote and protect the key and ONLY asset the City has and that is its image, reputation and positive values and virtues.

18). In partnership with UNWomen we launched the Safe City program with Meri Safe Busses and the behavior change program, SANAP WANTAIM to make Port Moresby a safe city for women and girls. Worked with Bomana Prison Juvenile Youth from Correctional Service 

19). Provided skills training and creative movement to non-academic youth who are at risk and vulnerable to explore creative arts like performances, arts, offering them community service around the city as change agents.

20). Worked with the Juvenile Youth from the correctional service to make them included and allowed to partake in city events and walk every once a month as part of their rehabilitation program and perform at international days.

21). Promoted, funded and supported the Red Cross, the Cervical Cancer Foundation, the Professional Women in Business and Small to Medium Scale Business development (SME) for macro financing and the Women's Trade Center for SME's to sell their goods.

Although Parkop has delivered services, he is facing a major challenge from two rival candidates Ango and Agen

The story is on the link below:


Source: Facebook.