Monday, 5 June 2017

As a candidate contesting the 2017 NGE, how do you want to address corruption at the national level?


THE Nation has been rigged by greedy and corrupt politicians over time and it's at a dire state of collapse or else it has already been collapsed. This is evident by loans obtained to support its economy.

In a simple analogy, one goes and borrow pigs or money for payments or to trade when one doesn't have it. Borrowing is an indication of one having nothing. This indication does not need to be a technical economic formula for interpretation. When we read on newspapers or media that the country is borrowing, it tells us that the country is broke so it cannot afford to support its budget for operations.

However, the country is a rich in terms of land resources, such as gold,copper,oil, gas, palm oil, coffee, tea, copra, timber etc, sea resources such as fish and others, and the air or oxygen is now a resource for trade as well through carbon trade. We have all the resources, yet we are poor. What is our real problem?

In our villages, when there are bigger pig killings, there are specialist who distribute meat (konge moke) in public feasts. When a gifted person starts distributing meat, people will always get even shares and go home happily, however, when a person who is greedy shares, men, women and children will always grumble and complain that, there was enough meat and he didn't share it properly, gave bigger and best portion to his family/wife/children/relatives etc and the rest missed out. That's from a greedy person.

Likewise, when greedy politicians are managing the resources , the result is always scarce. They give contracts to unqualified people and get commissions, they create unnecessary projects to benefit themselves and not the people. They deplete the nation's resources.

PNG has a lot of resources, there is more money coming into the country through the oil and gas sales, agriculture and marine resources such as palm oil and tuna, and also timber and other cash crop sales. Where is all these monies going to?

I want to ask some simple questions here that our intending candidates, I know some are not on Facebook but the ones here if they can answer:

1). What will you do as a Tambul Nebilyer leader to stop corruption?

2). You have supporters who will definitely want to benefit under you, through contracts and other means to show appreciation of support, how would you manage that?

3). Apart from the National grants, do you have any plans of revenue generation from a systematic point (using the established Government structures) and

4). How will you shine as a Tambul Nebilyer in the National Parliament and PNG?

Thank you.

Source: Tambul Nebilyer Development Forum (FB)


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