Monday, 5 June 2017

"If you love your kids and want them to prosper and live a debt-free life in the future, please vote out all the PNC candidates." - 2017 NGE


THE boycott of classes by university students last year had left a lot of Engan students traumatized, discontinued their studies, jailed and dismissed from their studies. 

Enga is one of the 22 provinces in PNG who is regarded the last province in terms of development and provincial sovereignty (broke away from Western Highlands province recently). 

But in terms of leadership, Engan is first on the ladder. We have produced the first Opposition Leader since Independence and have also produced some vibrant notable leader within those 42 years of being a sovereign nation. All Engans were born leader. This leadership instinct in their hearts had triggered the Engan students at universities to voice their concern that the current PNC led government was not working well as supposed to be.

 And when this uproar was brought to the streets of Lae and Port Moresby for public support, students were shot at by so called security forces of PNG. They have suffered and traumatised a lot and had inflicted pain enough, sacrificed their education for the love of this country. Now that the controversial government is making all way possible to make a come this year and it has endorsed candidates to contest for almost 99% of the seats in PNG.

 And in Enga, we have six (6) PNC candidates contesting for these five (5) electorates in Enga plus the provincial seat. PNC led government was the controversial government which the people of PNG and Enga students at the university have been fighting for to dismantle it for its continuous lies, corruption and mismanagement of country and economy.

 We Engans cannot be stupid in supporting these PNC candidates as our Engan university students and Engan citizens have inflicted pain enough. This election is not the end of the world. You will have days and years to live and your kids and your off springs will have years to live. 

Today, these PNC candidates will bring with all sort of sweet talks but tomorrow your kids will live a future constrained and burdened by debts. This government had sold the future of your kids and you. Prices of goods will continue to soar and you will continue to live like your ancestors while rich will continue to get richer. 

The PNC candidates in Enga do not understand how this country is running and how this country makes money. They only know how to use money given to them as DSIP and PSIP from Peter O’Neil. These PNC candidates concern for their own benefit but they do not have future prospects for Enga and PNG. 

Please people of Enga, if you love you kids and want your kids to prosper and live a debt-free life in the future, please vote out all the PNC candidates in Enga and Say no to PNC. 

Engans, you have what it takes to become Prime Minister and why become cargo boys for this Ialibu Pangia man? This is your only opportunity to create a good destiny for the people of Enga and PNG and say no to PNC.

Student protesters marching against the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and PNC in Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands........June 2016.
Source: Enga Wai-Pii (FB).

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