Monday, 31 July 2017

Dr. Allan Marat calls on ENB elected leaders in Alotau camp to 're-consider'

Rabaul MP elect, Dr Allan Marat says the people of East New Britain Province (ENBP) spoke out loud and clear during the election that they did not want People's National Congress (PNC) candidates in the Province, a right which must be respected.

He was commenting on the move by 4 ENBP MP’s ( ENBP Governor- Nakikus Konga(PPP), Kokopo MP Emil Tamur (PPP) and Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong- URP) who have joined the Alotau Camp.

In the case of POMIO District, also in the East New Britain Province, Dr Elias Kapavore who is also in Alotau, Dr Marat says the leaders reasoning seemed premature.

Dr Marat did have a word with Kapavore reminding him of why he was voted in again- AS AN INDEPENDENT- and this is the status he should remain to deliver to the people of Pomio. 

Dr Marat says FUNDING to districts should never be an issue, it can be worked on through partnership.

The Rabaul MP is calling on the ENBP elected leaders in Alotau to remind themselves of the commitment they made to stand together to build EAST NEW BRITAIN PROVINCE.


  1. We need more people like Dr.marat in governments or just more people like him in the world, someone who thinks about the welfare of others!

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