Wednesday, 5 July 2017

O'Neill heading to set world record


The election in Ialibu-Pangia has failed.

O’Neill had good reason to claim he would win on first count and be the first MP declared - his prediction had nothing to do with campaigning or public opinion. The election in Ialibu-Pangia has been a complete farce, rigged in so many ways, and is part of what will go down as the worst in PNG’s short history as a democracy.

In 1927, the Liberian President Charles King won the most fraudulent election on record, securing 234,000 votes in a country with just 15,000 registered voters. O’Neill looks set to break this record.

We, a group of opposing candidates, have damning evidence of election rigging, some of which has already been shared on social media. The full extent of this unprecedented fraud will soon be revealed as part of our imminent court case.

O'Neill has absolutely no respect for democracy, and even less for the people of PNG. He is solely concerned with clinging on to power so he can continue to steal without any oversight. It's not enough that O'Neill has overseen so much corruption and mismanagement, he is now dismantling our democracy, robbing the people of PNG of our right to remove him.

As we look to file action in the courts, we cling on to hope that our judicial system remains free of O’Neill’s influence. If it fails, we know O’Neill’s dictatorship is complete. We may as well look to declare a failed state, rather than a failed election.

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