Sunday, 14 May 2017

Why some senior MPs are joining the ruling PNC party?


Majority of our citizens are fed up with PNC and its mismanagement of public funds and yet nearly 70% of our current MPs left their party to join hands with O'steal. Very senior MPs and party founders like Sir Ipatas and Powes Parkop had left their party and joined PNC for unknown reasons.

Some of the known reasons are as follows:

1. MONEY - It is believed that the O'Neill government has paid millions of kinas to each sitting MPs to join PNC. The evidence is that the current MP for Lagaip Porgera Nixon Mangape had publicly testified that PNC offered him K5 million to jump ship but he refused to accept its offer.

2. VOTE RIGGING- PNC will move heaven and earth to hold onto power. PNC in power meaning it can manipulate the election processing from the printing of ballot papers up to the counting of votes. Candidates contesting under PNC are expected to win seats on golden plate since the Electoral Commissioner is a PNC appointee so as the Defence & the Police Commissioner.

3. PNC's CAMPAIGN STRATEGY - The current MPs move to PNC is an indirect campaign for PNC party by sitting MP in their respective provinces and electorates to lure unsuspecting voters, especially 80% of the voters in the rural areas who don't understand the current affairs of the state. If a sitting MP switches party, his/her voters will follow suit. This strategy is intended for PNC to gain popularity and majority support.

4. GRAND COALITION - The O'Neill led corrupt regime is planning to form a grand coalition after 2017 election. They are planning to form a totalitarian government where democracy will be non-existent. They will change laws to ensure 2017 becomes the last election.

Therefore I appeal to you voters not to vote for MPs and candidates who are planning to lead this nation to hell under PNC. Remove PNC and its coalition partners to save PNG for you, for your children and for their children.

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