Sunday, 14 May 2017

Did Peter O'Neill and PNC Party lied again with its Free Education Policy?


TFF currently is dished out to schools by PNC as follows;

30% - Treid Pacific 
This company is selected by PNC to supply substandard school materials to all schools in Papua New Guinea.
This practice has its shortfalls
* denies the chances of locally established stationary businesses to benefit from.
* kickbacks to politicians
* school teachers have no choice to choose quality teaching materials from their local suppliers.

30% - Infrastructure funds
Supposedly parked in the district treasury or provincial treasury is nowhere to be found by the HM and the Boards of schools. You can ask your local schools to confirm.

PNC Government lied by parking those funds for schools in the district/provincial treasuries, none of the schools in Papua New Guinea accessed those TFF infrastructure funds.

PNC lied again and all the schools knows about that 40% - Paid directly to schools quarterly and always too late.
Last year 2016 many school closed their doors before the end of the final term affecting all schools throughout Papua New Guinea.

Some large provincial secondary & high school closed their doors early with huge debts to their service providers and auxiliary staff close to a million kina or more at some schools.

PNC has failed its TFF policy!

What PANGU will do if it forms the next Govt.
Pangu will forgo the 30% Treid Pacific, 30% Infrastructure and will pool funds together totalling 100%.

Quarterly payments will be paid into schools on time to avoid problems currently created by the PNC-led Government to all schools in Papua New Guinea.

TFF will be called subsidised tuition fee (STF) and be embedded into the constitution so no political parties in the future can use free education policy to fool voters ever again.

Free Education & Free Health remains the obligation of any future governments to provide to its citizens.

With 100% funding to all schools Pangu Government will step up its monitoring and audits.

We will increase funding to the auditor general's office to build their capacity to audit all schools to ensure that the 100% payment of school fees are properly expanded and acquitted for.

School infrastructure, materials and operations will now be the responsibility of every school and its boards.

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