Saturday, 13 May 2017

PANGIA-IALIBU people do not trust Peter O'Neill and PNC party anymore

OVER the years many things happened in PANGIA and Ialibu, some of these things are good and others are bad. 
Peter O'Neill has been mandated by the people of Ialibu-Pangia for the last 15 years and during those times, he promised many things but never eventuated. As such, the people have now come to release he lied.
The people of Pangia/Ialibu do not trust the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill anymore. He has been using the people for more than 15 years for his own benefit and that of his close associates, mainly of Australians, Israelis and Chinese origin at the expense of the silent majority of PNG. 

This is shown by the number of candidates who are running against ONeil in election 2017 in Pangia/Ialibu electorate. One of them is a once close associate of Peter O'Neill himself by the name of Lawyer Stanley Liria who hails from the last wiru part of Pangia district where Peter O'Neill's mother comes from. The entire 20,000 plus people in this part of the electorate have consolidated their numbers and are supporting their very own blood son Stanley Liri, who grew up in the last wiru, went to primary school there and attended Pangia High School and eventually made it to UPNG and completed a law degree. 

He also completed a Masters degree in Law from Australian National University in Australia. Mr Liria and the entire Pangia/Ialibu people do not have faith and truth in Peter O'Neill's leadership as there is so much of empty promises and lies. The youths in this electorate have suffered big time and many of the youth problems happening in major centres in PNG like Port Moresby, Lae, Goroka, Mt Hagen and other parts of PNG as far as Oro Province are caused by society's rejected kids from Pangia/Ialibu electorate. Right now, the youths of Pangia/Ialibu have become street sellers to earn a decent living. If you see around the major centres in PNG, you will hear Kewabi and Wiru languages being spoken by the so-called street sellers. 

They are doing this because Peter O'Neill never provided the educational and job opportunities for the youths and the kids in this electorate. Year-in-year-out ONeil comes with empty promises and he is doing the same thing right now in election 2017. As a show of frustration to Peter O'Neill, professionals in the likes of Lawyer Stanley Liria, Justus Nambi Rapula, Leonard Pangepea and Simon Yopa among others are contesting the elections. This shows that the people of Pangia/Ialibu have rejected Peter O'Neill and his PNC party so why would other centres in PNG care and vote for PNC Party candidates at all? Why would you care about PNC Party? 

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