Friday, 12 May 2017

Peter O'Neill and PNC Govt team-mate admitted they destroyed the nation with evil intentions


ONE of the very man who has been in the helm with the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in running the economic and development affairs of this country has admitted to have destroyed the country in an unprecedented level. 
            Corrupt Patrick Pruaitch, admitted that tertiary students’ allegations of gross mismanagement of this country by the O’Neill government which resulted in protests and blood sheds were not just allegations, but the truths that Peter O’Neill and his cohorts including himself had covered up and instead blamed imaginary outside forces and the opposition for instigating the protests with the aim to destabilise and discredit the good government they claimed to have headed.

When I read of Pruaitch confession from the media, my heart shrank and deeply felt for myself that I was living in a rule of an evil inherent government run by evil people that impeded God’s blessings and brought curse upon the land. 
         I am from Enga Province and I then came to know that our action governor Ipatas and John Pundari (my member), were supporting an evil government, clearly indicating themselves as possessing all that is best in evil that are blocking God’s blessings and opening the floodgates of curse to the people.

I was wondering how on earth would so called elected leaders deliberately conspire with the Prime Minister to plan evil for the nation and for their own gain on the other hand, with false and craftily formulated cover-up sweets to confuse the people and make them think that all is okay. 
O’Neill’s staunch supporters (MPs) knew that supporting a genuine government which is people minded would push them to the corner away from their quest for “root of all evil” (money), because they wish to get rich before they are unseated in the next election.

The reckless PNC Government has drained the country of its coffers and crippled it with foreign debts in an unprecedented level. Corrupt Patrick Pruaitch gave a scathing attack on his counterpart Peter O’Neill and admitted after releasing the Final Budget Outcome 2016 report that PNG economy had “fallen off a cliff” with total government debt incurred under O’Neill government standing at US$6.6 billion, which he blamed O’Neill and the team of bulldozing decisions without debates on the floor of parliament to obtain loans which also breached the official debt ceiling. 
Pruaitch further admitted that they collaboratively borrowed beyond PNG’s means and spent on extravagant projects built at highly inflated costs which are usually tagged with kickbacks.

People like Patrick Pruaitch, Rimbink Pato, Sir Peter Ipatas, and John Pundari have continued to support an evil government that formulated best corrupt policies and decisions without recalling the time when they “held the Bible” and promised to put the interest of the nation and its people before their own. They have compromised the nation’s well being for their individual gains directly fulfilling the Bible quote written on the way to the parliament which reads: “The people suffer when the Evil Rules”.

 The care for this country has never been their priority one bit. The developments people claim to be seeing and singing praise to the current government are just cover-ups to hide the sinister plans and actions which have repercussions that has the serious impacts on the general populace and locally owned businesses in terms of rocketing inflation, decline in cash flow, decline in the foreign exchange reserve, increased taxation causing business to exit industries and high import expenses to name a few.

The billions of yearly and quarterly budgets and excessive offshore borrowings complemented by aid grants have been sucked up by foreign advisors and companies engaged on so-called big projects in inflated costs with kickback tags without going through proper tendering and procurement processes. 
The local businesses which are also capable to implement projects are denied any awards and gradually put out of business.

The much-talked-about PNG LNG Project which was said to will have put money in the pockets of the more than eight million people of this country from the first shipment seems to have nothing to do with the people of this country after more than 200 shipments.
 The LNG project seems to be a business deal between the operator Exxonmobil, the Prime Minister and his cohorts as the owners, and the buyers. 

The people of PNG are clueless on the benefits of developments of the LNG Project if it can one way or the other benefit the people.
Peter O’Neill and his thief cohorts had tagged the “government of the people” with promises of principal plus high interests on loan of U$6.6 billion: a loan that would do little or no impact on the lives of the people, but only to burden the people further. This massive U$6.6 billion loan just within a space of four years shoots up the total loan currently to a staggering K22 billion. 

Now, where did all these money go if it has little or nothing much of value for money to show? Sadly, LNG revenue is directly distributed to the accounts of the financiers of these massive loans. It seems that all of the revenues from the LNG project will continue to drop in the purse of these financiers in the years to come.
 The related result would be for the government to raise tax to cater for the national budget, which would then have the ripple effect on the inflation, thus pushing it further higher, which will then rob the ordinary people of their pockets and deny them any savings.

One in Port Moresby or in the villages would wonder how could this government be evil when it has built the Kumul Fly Over, built sports infrastructure (for SP Games), built road connections within the city vicinities, lobbied for APEC Meeting which will cost the State K4 billion for only one day meeting which is useless, and so forth: these are very ones that will benefit a few individuals and nothing to do with the millions of people that has drained the state’s coffers and yet burdened the state with massive loans which the entire populations has to pay the price in the years to come to bail their beloved country PNG. 

These are the very projects that had the inflated costs which sucked up the state’s purse in billions. The APEC Meeting under O’Neill will suck another K4 billions of state coffer for only one day. What is it to do with the entire populace? For O’Neill’s fame?

One would also wonder how this government is bad when it has paid for the school fees and allowed us free access to health services. These are mere sugar coated political gimmicks and rhetoric to confuse the people when there is no quality in Free Education and Free Health Care. 
This government is ever boasting of these two policies, however, frequently the administrators of these institutions seem to tell the media that all is not well and has so far organised protests against this government. 

There is persistent shortage of medical drugs in the major referral hospitals throughout the country. The doctors and nurses are reported to be complaining of disarray in work conditions, wear and tear of the medical equipment and non-payment of their promised pay rise. In terms of Education, there is dull future for those leaving the education system when this corrupt government continue to invoke evil spell on the country if it happens to come back. 
We go to school to live a bright future, but under this government, the future is bleak. One will never enjoy the fruit of his toil in the education system when rogue governments continue to run this country down. One will only be loaded with increased taxes and caught up with high inflation with a meaningless life only to enrich those in the political power as being the taxpayers.

There are much more bad things to say about this government and its Prime Minister and leaders: the deliberate disregard and breaches of the laws, manipulation of the law enforcement agencies for self-protections, crippling of investigative offices to escape prosecution, sacking of honest law enforcing officers working without fear or favour serving their country, amending laws to suit themselves and many more. 

I therefore wish to appeal to the Engans and PNGans that do not vote for anyone that comes in PNC ticket led by Peter O’Neill. If you do, you are throwing your country down to hell by allowing this government to return and do whatever it wishes. Please help rescue PNG by voting this government out. 


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