Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Who advised Paias Wingti on the status of the economy to support Peter O'Neill? - Do they really care?


WHEN everyone else was worried about Peter O'Neill's reckless overspending and overborrowing, Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti (Daddy Boss), was over confident in the O'Neill government's handling of the country's economy. He said the economy was in the safe hands of Peter O'Neill.

What everyone else feared is happening now. PNG is in deep financial crisis with soaring debts, cash flow crisis and rising prices of goods and services. This is because of Peter O’Neill’s reckless overspending and overborrowing.

 Experts have warned against. Concerned citizens and university students have protested and sacrificed their education. Yet Paias Wingti knowingly supported Peter O'Neill to destroy the country's economy. And now we are facing the worst possible future.

Who advised Wingti on the status of the economy of the country to support Peter O’Neill or is he simply doesn't care?

Looks like they don't care what becomes of this country because they live securely in overseas with their families.

Source: Facebook (Nebilyer NGV Forum).


  1. While i fully agree with you, i would also like to add that PW and other former prime ministers are also part of the collision govt who provide expert advice on how to run the O'Neil government thus are part and parcel of the bad decisions and worse things happening in govt. Not at one time will you hear one of this ex. Prime minister's getting up in the floor of parliament to correct O'Neil or make any rebukes. They would nod their heads to show support although they are clearly stupid decisions. This simply means that time for recycling is over. We are in the 21st century so look at some of those up and coming young leaders and give them the mandate. The idea of chieftaincy and tribalism is not working well. If we still want to hold onto that, places like mt hagen city will be ruled by tugs, cowboys and hooligans. With that leave you in peace.

  2. Thomas Tai Kopia24 May 2017 at 04:55

    Bro Lucas, birds of same features flock together. The silence of the former Prime Ministers in supporting PO is an indication that they fully support PO of his unpopular decisions.

    Gabbie, you correctly stated we have to stop recycling old politicians. They have lived beyond their useful life. Time to dispose them!

    Pride n greed..they have enriched themselves enough. Yet they want to continue to rob this country till we become a poor third world country. How much wealth is enough for them???

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