Wednesday, 3 May 2017

"Stop the abuse of public funds during election campaign - I got evidence that Prime Minister is using public funds for political campaigns," says Don Polye.

THE Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye today (Thursday, 04/05/17) expressed yet another concern over sitting MPs using state's resources to facilitate their campaigns.

Speaking to reporters at a media conference in Port Moresby, Mr Polye said it amounted to gross abuse and misuse of public resources.

"As the Opposition Leader, I have a duty to protect state resources. I ask our people to condemn the Prime Minister's behavior," he said.

Polye has urged the Ombudsman Commission and other authorities to investigate it.
He also has called on the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and his MPs to stop exploiting them for their political convenience.

Polye added that political parties in the Opposition and other candidates have used their own resources to fund logistics for their campaigns.

"It is unfair and unjust for us whilst their campaigns have been catered for by public funds.

"I have got evidences that payments for chopper hires and others were sourced from the Departments of Finance, Treasury and, PM and NEC," he said.

He cited the use of Falcon jet, travel allowances and others for the politicians and their delegations.

He said when in power, his THE party would pass a law to prevent future governments open projects across the country during the election, adding it will make sure leaders are elected via a free, fair and democratic process.

"With what the Prime Minister is doing, there is no equal playing ground for us," he said.

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