Monday, 15 May 2017

PNG highlands women in politics hoping a winning strategy for their candidate - 2017 National General Election


Papua New Guinea women in politics rallying behind one of the Kagua-Erave candidate Anda Kapu (AK) Topa Mata at Erave station. 

I'm urging every candidate of Erave LLG to collect many council wards as you can so that the candidate with the highest number of wards will be definitely told to represent Erave LLG and the rest eliminated for the good of Kagua/Erave.

 The people power will be fully utilized to do that. The entire population are all in this common understanding and therefore the candidates have to respect the views of the Erave people for the first time. 

If it works out, then this strategy will be used in every election to sustain Kagua/Erave leadership in Erave.

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