Wednesday, 24 May 2017

PNG current political metaphor - NA had a love affair with PNC over the last 5 years and made her pregnant, now denying the child is not his...

IT'S unbelievable when you hear National Alliance (NA) MPs would say we do not want to share the blame of PNC's wrongs. But some very NA MPs like Pruaitch and Tabar were the ones who were against university students when they wanted Prime Minister to resign. 

If they had seen that 'wrong' at that time, they would made a move or advised Prime Minister of the wrong or even break away and tell the media. This did not happen until after few weeks before election. 

A very good analogy to explain what happened is below by Gemba Raymond Dewane with a title "Non consensual political love affair results in unwanted Pregnancy syndrome". - A political love metaphor. 

Raymond uses metaphor which exclusively and descriptively describe current political turmoil in most layman way....referring to NA as a boy who loves PNC as a girl. The story is below:

1. NA (Lover Boy).
2. PNC ( Girl)
3. Corruption (Child)

In 2012 NA had a love affairs with PNC. They rushed in to love making at the white sandy beach of Alotau (Alotau Accord). Without a proper wedding, they flew back for a honeymoon and feast over the wealth at the floor of Waigani. The love affairs have grown without NA fearing an unplanned child birth due to the girl's way of offering loving, care and hospitality.

Finally, the girl got pregnant after 5 years of love affairs. The lover boy does not want the public to be seen as the father of the child coz he was scared to face the child that is currently in the girl's womb.

To save his own face to win public favour, the lover boy blamed the girl for being a prostitute and that the child that is about to born is not his or anyway related to his romance with her.

The girl is now struggling to give birth to the unborn child with the public watching the nonconsensual sex story unfold.

The questions now are:

  • Will the struggling girl survive?

  • Will the child survive birth?
  • Will the lover boy escaped this sex ordeal?
  • Will PNC abort the child and date another boy?
All the answers of these questions are now in the hands of the public to lay a decision to this non consensual love affairs to see its fate. The public is the jury! 

Case Adjourned to August, 2017.  

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Source: Facebook (KEROWAGI ELECTION IN FOCUS-2017) Political Lovers.


  1. Poor girl! She is being betrayed by the very smart lover boy who want to claim himself as innocent after fooling around with her in public.He does not want to face the consequences of their love affair so withdraw.What a shame.

  2. Poor girl... What a shame.. When she got pregnant, her beauty faded..

  3. It's too late to heal the wounds that they both created..Their child is growing in the womb....people are seeing the signs of the pregnancy so hopefully they made the public pass the jury fairly.

  4. These are bunch of fools . Doing wrong thing at a wrong time. Where were they during VONC in June?
    You drank dirty water in Alotau that you were deeply sleeping and couldn't crossover. Now you realized the fact that you did a great mistake.
    Your time has come to an end. When Pangu rides the horse you this bunch will be held accountable.
    Some of you will be dying very soon because you've bungled around with peoples' money.

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