Thursday, 11 May 2017

2017 National General Election Campaign trend is changing - less popular

by JAMES A. WAKAPU in Tambul-Nebilyer

Tambul Nebliyer electorate campaign trend is changing from a more aggressive past to a smooth or literally put on mute future.

Recalling the past campaigns, we had a variety of campaign activities including truckloads of “noisy” supporters of candidates convoying visiting village by village. The villages would become noisy with music from the loud speakers mounted on the campaign cars and its always time to have fun and heated debates of policy strategies by intending candidates.

When night fall, a feast would be organised by the host village, we eat and drink and we would spend the night in that village dancing till day break with music provided through the speakers courtesy of the campaign car. Regardless of which candidates you support, the party was for all.

Often in the mornings and afternoon you would receive your morning and afternoon greetings via the campaign car speakers whenever there is a candidate passing. No matter where your location is, either it be in the jungle planting kaukau or sleeping, you can hear them clearly.

One positive thing we achieved was that every intending candidate contested was attested to market their policies through successful public rallies.

On big campaign rallies, candidates’ bases were displayed through cultural dances and through the public speeches given one would calculate the winning potential of a candidate like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and decide accordingly.

2017 National Election campaign falls on a very low radar and literally becoming MUTE changing the past campaign trends. Are people using internet and mobile phones to campaign and no need to attend combined rallies or what’s going on?

I believe the entire Highlands Region is experiencing the same changing trend so what’s your observation on the campaign trend compared to past campaigns?

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