Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Robert Ganim's assault case on a young Lawyer Laken Lepatu Agilo is an example of subjugation by leaders in PNG - says Opposition leader Don Polye


PORT MORESBY: Opposition Leader Don Polye calls on his fellow MPs not to attack democracy and its promoters, especially civil society activists and individuals. 

Mr Polye made the call after learning about an alleged assault of a young lawyer Laken Lepatu Agilo by Wabag MP Robert Ganim. 

Polye said the lawyer was conducting election awareness in Enga to help his fellow Engans make informed decisions when voting for their leaders. 

He condemns the action by Ganim, saying it was yet another subjugation of the citizens’ freedom of expression and information.

Polye cited the police and government’s ongoing suppression of students protesting against corruption, public rallies and abuse of parliamentary processes as examples.

“Why is Ganim afraid that a simple awareness will make him lose his seat? He is in government,” Polye said.

He warned the MP not to deny the allegation as eye-witness reports state it otherwise.

Ganim, he said, should have reported the matter to the police if there was any substance of ‘early campaign against him’ as claimed.

“I regret his conduct as unbecoming of someone, who claims to be a national leader. Leadership Code prohibits this behaviour. The Criminal Code also forbids assault.

“I am urging the victim to lodge a complaint against Ganim with the Ombudsman Commission,” a concerned Polye said.

Polye wants police officers on duty to charge Ganim and prepare a court case, saying the MP was released after being handed to the Wabag police station for an arrest and a consequent charge.

“This means we have two sets of law for the executive club and our ordinary people.

“It must stop!” he said angrily. 

Polye has also called on Provincial Police Commander George Kakas to suspend those responsible.

He said PNG belonged to everyone, adding he or she should do his or her part to make it a better place to live in.

Don POMB Polye, CMG, BE (Civil), MBA, MIEPNG (Reg), MP

*To get the original unedited copy of the Media Release from the office of PNG Opposition Government in PDF file format, please click on the link below; Opposition leader Don Polye.

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