Thursday, 9 March 2017

Opposition leader is not convinced that a Queen's Council-led probe into the Manumanu land deal is any better - a K2-million is another waste!


PORT MORESBY: Papua New Guinea’s Opposition Leader Don Polye doubts whether the administrative investigation into the controversial Manumanu land deal will bring to maximum justice the alleged culprits involved.

Mr Polye warned that justice and its other ingredients would be compromised, saying the citizens would not be surprised to see it whitewashed again. 

He added over K2 million allocated for the inquiry was yet another waste of taxpayers’ money amidst the country’s cash-strapped economy. 

Over 300 Government-sponsored students, he said, at the University of PNG need such funds to enable their graduation.

Polye further stated that the health facilities nationwide were operating without or with fewer drugs and other medical kits, coupled with the current non-payment of PNG’s membership fee to United Nations Organisation. 

“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is a false champion of justice. The administrative inquiry will duplicate investigations by Ombudsman Commission and Anti-Corruption and Fraud squad.

“He is a master of all lies and perversion of justice,” he said boldly. 

“Our people have had enough of his tricks. His cunning strategies have run out of their utility. What more does he have in stock?” he said when commenting on the administrative inquiry PM O’Neill announced on Tuesday.

Polye also questions the appointment of the commissioner John Griffin QC.

“Griffin is PM’s close friend Jimmy Maladina’s lawyer. He dashed the country’s hope from suspending Maladina’s sentence in relation to misappropriating over K2.6 million belonging to National Provident Fund. 

“Griffin overturned Maladina’s conviction,” said Polye.

The Opposition Leader described O’Neill’s justification to change the game plan from a grand announcement of a real COI to an administrative one as ‘a weak argument.’

He said he projected earlier after the announcement that the COI would not be implemented, adding it was only a hot air. 

“Time has proved me right. Trust me again, those responsible will not be brought to justice even if the administrative investigation will be finalised before the election,” he said. 

Polye assures fellow citizens that the Opposition, when in power, would take an aggressive stance on such allegations of fraud.

Don POMB Polye, CMG, BE (Civil), MBA, MIEPNG (Reg), MP

*To get the original unedited copy of the Media Release from the office of PNG Opposition Government in PDF file format, please click on the link below; Opposition Leader Don Polye.

*Previous articles on the controveral Manumanu Land deal are avaliable in PDF file format. To obtain a copy, please click on the following links below.


  1. Agree fully with Hon Don Polye, the opposition leader...


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