Wednesday, 8 March 2017

O'Neill and Awasa must admit the failures in delivering road link services - Don Polye told his Kandep people


PORT MORESBY: Opposition Leader Don Polye urges Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his Works Minister to admit their failures to serve the citizens better. 

Following the minister’s statement slamming him for misleading his Kandep people on road projects, Mr Polye denied playing politics with road infrastructure in his district.

He said the truth was hurtful for what he phrased as ‘an incompetent minister to swallow’-let alone his record speak volumes about his leadership.

Polye reiterated that the writing was on the wall, saying projects worth more than K150 million for his district were denied of when he was sacked as the Treasury Minister in March 2013. 

“The response which the good minister provided is evasive, contagious and regrettable to cover the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s negligence on denying of projects meant for the people of Hela, Laiagam and Kandep,” he said.

Rubbishing Awesa’s claims that the government has delivered better roads across the country, Polye put the record straight.

“The road projects in Port Moresby alone were done by the government at the expense of the country’s major highways. They need urgent maintenance and are in deterioration. The election is only two months away. When will they be fixed?

“Okuk Highway is a testimony of such. The government even failed to clear debris at Wandi in Chimbu,” he said.

The Opposition Leader doubts whether the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his Works Minister feel ashamed of beating their chests for projects he had initiated, saying they are only good at cutting ribbons.

“At the ground-breaking ceremony of Kagamuga Airport in the Western Highlands four years ago, I remember minister Awesa praising me for all these projects in the civil aviation, transport and works sectors.

“What an irony and hypocritical for him now to discredit me conveniently to protect the failure on the government’s side and, more importantly, his self-image in light of numerous complacency and incompetency,” he said.

Kandep MP queries why the work on Laiagam-Kandep road had stopped without completing the work initially agreed at face value.

He said the Wasa bridge should have connected Enga and Hela provinces, adding it is an alternate shortcut route for the latter to save costs for delivery of goods and services. 

Polye challenges Awesa to clean his own department for a chain of alleged corruption.

Don POMB Polye, CMG, BE (Civil), MBA, MIEPNG (Reg), MP

*To get the original unedited copy of the Media Release from the office of PNG Opposition Government in PDF file format, please click on the link below; Opposition Leader Don Polye.

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