Wednesday, 29 March 2017

LLG President assures people of road link in Wabag

Wabag LLG president Roy Kipalan has assured the people of Maramuni that he would link them with the rest of the province through a road.

Mr Kipalan said the Wabag District Development Authority has budgeted over K50 million under its current MP Robert Ganim. However, he added, there is nothing in the area to reflect that.

“Apart from other funds, K10 million as DSIP has been given annually for a period of five years since 2012 totaling over K60 million,” he told a cheering crowd at Pasalagus in Maramuni. He said Maramuni remained unchanged, urging the people to vote for a service-oriented leader.
“Dishing out cash only K5000 to K10, 000 handouts to you is only to brainwash as it is peanut.  “Londor to Maramuni road was built by my uncle late Sir Albert Kipalan when DSIP fund was only K100, 000 per annual. He did not have such funds like this before,” he said. 

Kipalan said even when our former Wabag MP Sam Abel also over K10 million for the road, adding it is still incomplete. “Even though, K50 to K60 million was budgeted for the district, the road never reached Maramuni station. 

“My uncle’s legacy for Maramuni lives on. I have a special heart for Maramuni. I will make this missing link a thing of the past,” he said. He said on record he had delivered many projects in the district.


The Issue of Writ on April 20 means the mandate now being enjoyed by the MPs will be stripped and bestowed again on the people. Patron for Enga komba pamana association Sandy Talita said this at a launch of Awari alluvial in Maramuni today (March 24).
“When the Issue of Writ is opened on April 20, all the members become like us, the ordinary people. 

“Their mandate will be stripped of from our MPs and bestowed on you. You will now be the open MPs. You will be the governor. Do not sell your votes. The Governor-General will take away the mandate and bestow it back on you (people),” Mr Talita said.
He warned the people that the candidates would plead for the mandate from them. 

“The current MPs will come to our homes with money. You will be a decision maker. Those who did not deliver services must be ousted. Community leaders have vowed to oust those who did not deliver services to their doorsteps. 

The association has donated K17, 000.
Meanwhile, he said Triumph Heritage Empowerment party’s vision was to empower the people. “We will not clothe nor house you. But we will only empower you financially so that you improve your livelihood by yourself. 

“You have seen the true colors of our leaders. Many allegations of corruption have been levelled against the government. We must change it. What else will you reap from them when you have not been served better? We will empower you to overcome the bondage of poverty and corruption. We must not dwell in the past of sugar-coated promises,” he said. 

Talita has expressed regret at the state of some other forgotten people in the province still living in the stone age. The lack of goods and services, and the challenges the people faced daily caused him to burst into tears. 

“Lapelam and Yangis amongst others are neglected. Our vision now is for us to empower them so that they too can enjoy goods and services in the urban areas,” he said.

Engan leaders greeting the people of Maramuni. Image Credit: Media Unit - PNG Opposition.

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