Monday, 6 March 2017

Don Polye calling on all candidates for 2017 to file affidavit to oppose PNG Election Law Amendments



PORT MORESBY: Intending candidates for this year’s (2017) election are being urged to swear an affidavit with their registered Bio-data and bank statements by tomorrow (Wednesday - 07/03/17).

Papua New Guinea’s Opposition Leader Don Polye made the call, following the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission wanted them to sign on the affidavit with these information supporting it.

Mr Polye said those, who were out of Port Moresby, could send their affidavit on  via email at: or call CLRC on 325 2862/40.

A reference was initially filed by the Ombudsman Commission for the Supreme Court to find out whether the proposed increase of nomination fees, from K1,000 to K10,000, and the security of costs of an election petition, from K5,000 to K20,000, is constitutional.

Mr Polye said he was adamant that such information would prove to the Supreme Court that they really could not afford the proposed election fees. 

“The Ombudsman Commission’s bid to temporarily stop Parliament from further debating the two proposed amendment bills was refused due to lack of evidences such as candidates’ bank statements.

“This time CLRC, another party to the case, is set to apply for the same interim court order,” he said. 

Polye said everyone, including the Opposition, was doing his or her bit to stop this draconian law from being passed. He added that candidates should play their part by simply swearing the affidavit as requested.

Parties, he stated, in the reference will return to court on Monday, March 13 where directions will be issued. Polye reiterated that the amendment bill infringed on the citizens’ constitutional right to contend for any public office.

Meanwhile, he is renewing his call on small political parties in government and their MPs to withdraw their support in voting for the proposed bills when Parliament resumes on March 28.

Polye commended the Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato for speaking out against the proposed bills, despite him initially supporting the proposal in the Cabinet.

He also called on Rimbink Pato and others not to vote for the bills as they would ONLY suit the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s political expediency. 

Don POMB Polye, CMG, BE (Civil), MBA, MIEPNG (Reg), MP
PNG Opposition Leader.

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