Sunday, 15 January 2017

PNG Government is so corrupt to neglect its own highlands highway


The O'Neill-Dion Government has secured a loan amounting to K6 billion
from Exim Bank of China to fix the Okuk Highlands highway. This
highway holds the economy of this country. Its serves the provinces
that contribute massively to the economy.

Just a few days ago, we had the Wandi section of the deteriorating
road in Simbu Province fixed up by a sole businessman Jacob Luke of
Mapai Transport Ltd.

If he had not acted in that quick manner, the road would have been
worsen, again we see this photo along the highlands highway. Poor
heavy trucks struggling to get through and with the bad weather
conditions, it is getting worse each day.

There are questions the people of Papua New Guinea need to ask about
the Government.

1) Why the Government did not act quick to solve the Wandi road
disaster? And sees fit to fund the Hela security operations with K11
million when they is no real threat to the economy. How does this make
sense as a responsible government?
2) Where is the loan of K6 billion being sought for the purposes of
fixing the road? There was a promise that Grade 12 students will be
accepted into the new Western Pacific University in Ialibu, have you
seen some students being enrolled to commence studies this year?
3) The Chairman of APEC committee announced there is no money but only
a plan to complete the APEC complex is ready yet we see the Government
telling the International community that it will be delivered on time.
Is the Government looking for money to fund APEC? Tax Credit Scheme
funds from Oil Search Limited have been diverted here but its not
So what is the logic that APEC will bring economic benefits while the
highlands highway is deteriorating.

PNG! There is a high level well coordinated "legalized corruption" is
in Papua New Guinea now and this Government is behind it.
The country is going to fall, this time fall sharply compared to those
days during the Bougainvillie crisis. The economy will collapse if we
are not gonna change the current thread, the way we are going.

To change this course, every PNG citizens have to think twice and
think hard on their votes come May.

Why the Government is changing the election dates? Why increasing the
nomination fees from K1,00 to K10,000? This country is run by cowboys
and reckless people who don't care about the future but only thinking
about themselves. You have the say at the polls. Over to you.

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