Sunday, 15 January 2017

Guess where is the K11-million for security operations in Hela Province is going to?

I am wondering who owns this fleet of Toyota Land-cruisers that are currently used by the military personals and police in Hela Province. Just assuming half of the K11-million is already used on vehicle hire alone while the Hawa CSI lies dormant. Simple maths will result in 300 military personals and policemen divide by 10-men per vehicle equals 30. Now at the Hire rate of K750 per day per vehicle x 180 days (6 months x 30 days) equals K 4.05 million. Minimum case scenario. Maximum Case Scenario will be: 50 vehicles x 180 days x K1000 per day = K 9 million. 

Anyways in the name of law and order I will continue to pay tax and homage to my country until the politicians knows the real reason why they are voted in to the House of Parliament at the first place. Times have changed, true leadership is lacking and money talks for now. Thumbs up to the responsible authorities for making another Papua New Guinean millionaire overnight in the name of peace while the mothers and children with curable diseases are dying in the flood plains of Fly River and water logged basins of the Sepik and Ramu River. Only the good Lord knows the ulterior motives of the show of power and machines to cab a handful of warlords with homemade guns in Hela Province.


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